Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Three P's

I have posted before about how much I like Cane Prevost's insights about teaching and learning jiu jitsu. Well, he's recently posted another concise exploration of what the Three P's model means and how it came to be. I suggest you give it a read. He calls it the Fallacy of Technique. It reminds me of my bookshelf analogy.

I usually think of my brain (as far as jiu jitsu goes, anyway) as being like a bookshelf affixed to the wall, without sides to it. I go to class and each technique I'm taught is like a book being handed to me.. I scurry and scurry, putting books on the shelf as quick as I can. But the dang shelf seems short, and for every book I put on the left side, one is falling off to the floor on the right. It's like an old I Love Lucy-type of physical comedy. Occasionally I get a second to run to the pile of books on the floor and fumble through them-- rediscovering old delights-- and every once in a while I realize the shelf has gotten a little bit longer, so I can add a book from the floor pile...

But really, it's a question of knowing which books to try to add to the shelf, and which ones to just flip through whilst in the library. It totally makes sense that each of us groove on different genres of reads... likewise, different techniques click with us according to our varying attributes and mindsets. And the techniques we think we've "invented" (the ones that occur to us naturally) are the ones (it seems) that stick with us the best. Which feeds into exactly what Cane is talking about in his post.

Genius :)


justin said...

great blog. i often think of lucy and ethel at the chocolate factory as a metaphor for life but it's also appropriate for bjj class. haha.


Shark Girl said...

Love the bookshelf analogy. That's exactly how I feel!