Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Fight back against Lloyd Irvin's latest SEO (search engine optimization) manipulation

Lloyd Irvin recently posted an article that purported to discuss self-defense trends among women, but which really just attempts to boost his SEO profile away from his own revealing patterns and in favor of him continuing to run a business in the martial arts/self-defense communities.

Fortunately Tom Callos found the contact information for the publisher Joshua Merer ( and wrote him a note.  Here, I'm sharing a sample letter with you and encouraging you to express your feelings on the matter however you believe is appropriate.

Dear sir,

This piece:

is an absolute travesty, considering the subject matter and people your writer has quoted. Unfortunately, you have been suckered into Lloyd Irvin's SEO game, and unknowingly, your article is a sham and a shame.  It should be removed immediately.  I doubt very much that there is a single person in the martial arts community who is any LESS qualified to teach rape defense ---or to be quoted in any article on the subject. Why?  Here's a brief timeline of events this year and links...

 January 9, 2013: Two male Team Lloyd Irvin members (Nick Schultz and Mateo Maldonado) are arrested and charged with raping a fellow female student on January 1, 2013.

 January 10: Details of Lloyd Irvin's involvement in a 1989 gang rape come to light.

January 10:  Lloyd buys "" and uses it to market his anti-rape seminars.

January 14: Lloyd Irvin blackbelt Phil Proctor calls the 1989 gang rape victim a "dirty whore" while defending his mentor

January 20:  It becomes public that Lloyd Irvin's sambo coach was convicted of raping his sons and creating child pornography.

 January 22: Lloyd Irvin issues an open letter, published on .

The letter addresses the recent rape charges against his two students, and acknowledges his involvement in the 1989 rape case (he received a "not guilty" verdict because he testified that he could not maintain an erection, but appeared to have played an active role in a gang rape in which several others were convicted). GracieMag includes a footnote to Irvin's letter in which GracieMag C.E.O. Luca Atalla provides a link to his own public statement regarding the recent news, titled "How the Reputation Murder Works." It essentially serves as a defense of Lloyd Irvin and a dismissal of Lloyd Irvin critics. There are contentious exchanges between Atalla and readers in the comment section, including a back and forth between Atalla and Kathleen Callos ( the mother of TLI student/competitor Keenan Cornelius).

 January 24: I respond to Luca:

 circa February 19th (dates vary): TLI affiliates announce that they are breaking ties with Lloyd Irvin including BETA Academy.

 February 22-- I post an rebuttal to the rumor that Lloyd Irvin's codefendant in the 1989 gang rape was acquitted:

February 27: News surfaces that several prominent members of TLI are leaving the school, including Cornelius

 March 1: TLI team member Jordan Schultz posts a message on Facebook providing background into why he and several members fled the academy in the middle of the night, including an accusation that Lloyd Irvin manipulated at least one female student in order to coerce sexual favors from her.

March 21: Remaining TLI member DJ Jackson is discovered to have faced felony sexual assault charges.  His legal expenses were covered by Lloyd Irvin and he pled to a simple assault.

Mr. Merer, Lloyd Irvin has become a byword in the Brazilian jiu jitsu community for sexual abuse and manipulation of search engine optimization to cover his tracks.  Please reconsider the message you are sending with your publication, remove the article, and issue a statement disavowing your participation in Irvin's pattern of behavior.



Edited to add: the publisher pulled this article, but I am told the author wrote several others about Lloyd in true nut-licking style.  If you find more articles on Indyposted about Lloyd, let me know?  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

See post by anti here:

"People are wasting so much time on useless threads. The only thing Lloyd cares about is this link:

That's it. You'll see that, over the past month, he has worked to push the 'bad' stories down and the 'good' stories up. He's focused on them one at a time, methodically. So, while everyone is focused on rumor and conjecture and bullsh!t over Kirik or Warmachine or whatever the newest interesting tidbit is, none of that is important relative to 'defeating' Lloyd at his own game.

The real place people should be focused is on creating sites like lloydirvinrapeexposed and pointing links and tweets and forums and social media to them. Optimally, people should rally around one or two, similar to how people used lloydirvinrapeexposed. It was great when that was the third hit on Google. That's why Lloyd put so much effort into killing it. That's why he's put so much effort on any forum thread that ends up on the first page of matches when you search his name. It's the same reason his first reaction to the rape story breaking was to buy a lloydirvinrape website and plaster it with rape prevention crap. Of course, he got busted and in a RP move retracted, but that's precisely how he operates. He's being methodical and winning because the MMA community is so scattered in their approach.

We really should agree to register a site in some other country, repost all content there and then have everyone focus on amping that site up, the way people did lloydirvinrapeexposed. Keep a backup of that, so if he's able to shut it down, move it elsewhere and "anonymous" style, rally everyone around amping that site up. He needs to be beat, but unless the community is focused, he'll outlast the story and there will be little-to-no record of it when he advertises his school to unsuspecting newbies."

I would add here that it is also critical per the points you made, Georgette, around his other sources of income, which all depend on him being able to establish credibility as a personality and/or public speaker. But all of that goes away when you can google his name and find a link or links to the rape story/stories. Outside of justice for the victim, that is the one cause worthy of focus.

Anonymous said...

Cached page in question:

Anonymous said...

Check out

Anonymous said...

I don't click on the article because I don't want it to come up on google searches. I do a google search every time I turn on the computer: 'lloyd irvin rape' and click on the articles and ads on the sites.

Anonymous said...

If you want to beat limp at his own game go here:

Submit the new site url with a well written description of the site outlining how it will protect people from abuse. Keep it short though.

This is the open directory project and will help get the new site to the top of google once registered there. The irony in this lloyd irvn fiasco is that lloyd's lack of morals and character will ultimely be the undoing of lloyd irvin. In other words, lloyd will destroy himself in the end but lets help spread the truth in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

So great! Well done! Now we just need to blow it up!

Anonymous said...

The beauty of being able to focus everyone on a single link like is that we only need *one* result to come up when searching for lloyd irvin. He has to do SEO on 4+ sites to push the link down. It's a winnable battle. Please, everyone link to that site on blogs, twitter, etc. TY.

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