Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Schultz and Maldonado indicted today on 11 counts in Superior Court...

Today in D.C. Superior Court, eleven counts of kidnapping, first degree sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances, second degree sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances, attempted aggravated assault and robbery were filed against Nick Schultz and Mateo Maldonado. 

Specifically, both men are accused of using force, the threat of force, and the survivor's inability to consent due to her incapacity [ed.: likely due to alcohol and/or involuntary intoxication on drugs] to commit rape and oral sodomy, assault, and robbery against her.


(I searched by name.  Let me know if those links aren't working.)

In case you didn't see it, here's the arrest warrant affidavit which detailed the contents of the surveillance camera footage capturing Schultz and Maldonado raping their nearly-unconscious teammate on NYE 2012.

More details as I am cleared to provide them, by the prosecutor and/or the survivor.

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SavageKitsune said...

Thanks for keeping us informed on this, Georgette.