Tuesday, April 09, 2013

To anonymous....

To the charming, hardly literate buffoon who couldn't muster the sack to sign their own name to their comments:

Yes, I deleted your comments without publishing them.  Why?  Because my blog is not the time or place to "debate" what's on the videos and audio of the NYE gang rape.  If your brother/son/whatever he is doesn't take the plea, then the content of those videos will become public record.  It's not my place to provide another forum where you can yammer your rape apologies and slander the survivor.

YOU, sir, are the joke.  Thanks for inviting me to laugh at you.  If you're in attendance at the trial, which I hope to be, please, please come introduce yourself.  I won't even ask your name-- you just come up and say you're anonymous.  Because I think you're a piece of shit nutlicking coward and I bet you won't look me in the eye even with the protection of anonymity.

You petty imbecile.


Zecarlo said...

I know you can't, and I wouldn't want you to, give out any details about the case and you probably don't know what their defense strategy is (or maybe you do) but in your experience with similar cases is there a typical reason why a defendant would refuse a plea bargain under these circumstances? I believe everyone, no matter how much of a scumbag, has the right to their day in court but I would like to see the survivor spared having to relive the experience in a public forum. It's bad enough she will have to learn to live with it.

JayBird said...

*Drops mic and walks off stage, LIKE A BOSS!

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure why you're acting like a child calling me names and a "shitlicker". I can only assume its because you didnt like hearing the very real chance that the "victim" isn't telling the truth.

Shame on you for going out of your way to involve yourself in a serious case and only ever addressing one side of the story. My comment was well written and suggested what you refuse to acknowledge: there's more then what meets the eye and two sides to every story. If you can't see that then you're blinded by your feminist holier then though "I'm helping the victim" BULLSHIT. You're not helping anybody and only trying to get hits on a very unimpressive(and may I add very boring) blog.

You call me a coward but won't even publish what I wrote in the first place. If your friend the victim has such a clear cut case why not let someone play devils advocate? You have no problem publically berating two young men who have yet to be found guilty but don't think that the "victim" can handle people discussing the other side of the story? Get real.

Ill be there at court and when my good friend Matthew has the charges dismissed ill be asking you how you plan to cover it. I'm sure you'll have another hissy fit and storm out, calling me names and embarrassing yourself along the way.

There's no point arguing with you because you won't post what I write even though you know it's valid and a very real possibility. You disgust me. Your blog disgusts me. Maybe ill make my own blog stating my points, I'm sure it would be way more riveting and thought provoking then the 1 sided nonsense you blabber about here.

Here's to hoping you post this response but of course you'll never let yourself look bad on your own(pathetic) blog.

P.S. Nobody wants to read about you balding..really?? Freaking gross. Spare us you little ghoul.

With love and a big ass smile on my face,


Georgette said...

Zecarlo: his strategy from what I can tell makes no sense. It will be a "she consented" approach, but I believe the evidence will address whether that's a wise choice. Typical reasons a defendant rejects plea bargains: believes they'll get a NG from the jury or believes the jury will give a lighter sentence-- both of which in this case seem to be stemming from poor client control on the attorneys' part.

To Anonymous: it was nutlicker, not shitlicker, because your victim-blaming makes me mad. I am a prosecutor. I ALWAYS consider the possibility the victim isn't telling the truth. Hard to say that in this case, but like I've said, we may see this case in a public trial, so no point in me arguing about it now.

I could give a shit less about hits on my blog, frankly. And I'm pleased you find it boring. I have no problem publicly berating rapists when the context is appropriate. I doubt we'll see the charges "dismissed" (I think what you meant was "your good friend" would be acquitted?) but if that happens, I won't have a fit. I guess you don't understand what it means to be a prosecutor.

And I still challenge you to look me in the eye and tell me you're anonymous. Because you're STILL a coward.

Anonymous said...

regardless of how you want to spin it, and disregarding the atrocious actions beforehand, there is never an occasion where being left for dead in a parking lot is consensual.

Anonymous said...

In response to anonymous:

Yes they are of course certainly entitled to their day in court.

They are presumed innocent.

Here is what they are guilty of already though:

treating a woman and behaving in a way so far removed from the honor we seek when we train to make ourselves better.

Guilty of that, guilty guilty, guilty.

Zecarlo said...

One thing I worry about is that Lloyd originally commented on how the victim was still part of his team and wanted to continue training. Then we heard how he paid for the defendants' attorneys (whether or not he still is, I don't know). Is it possible that Lloyd got to her, or tried to get to her, to make her recant or something? Again, I know you can't comment on certain things, and I wouldn't want you to jeopardize the case, but can you clear that issue up at all? Has she distanced herself from Irvin? I would hope so after she found out he was playing both sides.

Alon said...


Let's assume for just a moment a best case scenario from that night: Your good friend had consensual sex in a parking garage with an intoxicated girl and fellow student, and then left her in said garage to cry for help.

How the FUCK do you justify remaining his good friend? In that best case scenario, don't you agree that what he did is so fucking beyond the pale that remaining his friend calls into question your character and your values?

Of course, the description of the video from the garage tells a different story. Have you read that police report? Here's a sampling:

"Once inside of the location, Defendants Schultz and Maldonado then walked the Complainant to the far right corner of the garage driveway and positioned themselves and the Complainant next to the garage entrance gate.
While standing next to the gate, Defendant Maldonado stood behind the Complainant and began to undo his pants. Defendant Maldonado then pulled his pants down, grabbed the Complainant around her waist and began to have sexual intercourse with the Complainant. While Defendant Maldonado was engaging in sexual intercourse with the Complainant, Defendant Schultz began to undo his pants. Defendant Schultz then grabbed the Complainant by her hair and forced her head down to his crotch area to perform oral sex on him. This activity continued on for several minutes, after which Defendant Maldonado disengaged. The Complainant then fell to the ground, at which time Defendant Maldonado pulled his pants up and walked away, leaving Defendant Schultz and the Complainant at the location.......

Defendant Schultz stopped and looked around the corner a second time as Defendant Maldonado returned to the location. As the Complainant continued to lie on the ground, Defendant Maldonado stood over her while Defendant Schultz continued to kneel beside her motionless body. Defendant Maldonado then began to back away as he watched Defendant Schultz lie on top of the Complainant again.
Defendant Schultz then grabbed the Complainant again and forced her head to his penis area. Again, the Complainant collapsed to the ground. Defendant Schultz then leaned back and removed his penis from his pants. He then grabbed the Complainant’s head and leaned into her face, forcing his penis into her mouth. Defendant Schultz then grabbed the Complainant again and began to kiss her about the body. Defendant Schultz again grabbed the Complainant’s head as she continued to lie on the ground and leaned into her face, forcing his penis into her mouth.....

The Complainant’s unconscious body once again collapsed to the ground causing her to strike her head against the wall. Defendant Schultz then stood up and walked away, leaving the Complainant lying alone on the ground."

Fuck you, you rape apologist coward.

Georgette said...

Zecarlo, the NYE rape survivor is 100% intent on seeing her assailants prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And she's no longer training with TLI.

Justin said...