Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lloyd Irvin rape prevention programs have nothing on his SEO gaming programs....

Lloyd Irvin has successfully been gaming the SEO (search engine optimization) system on google for a long time now.

We all know about his flagrant purchase of  "Lloyd Irvin Rape" right after the NYE gang rape (and his subsequent apology) ... hopefully everyone knows it was clearly a false apology.  If there's any doubt in your mind, consider this:

Master Lloyd Irvin also registered the following domain names (I'm putting a * in to prevent it from boosting his page rankings..)


If you want to verify this for yourself, go to and type in the domain name you want to check (i.e. teamlloydirvinrape.*com or whatever) and it will tell you it's already registered.  It will offer you some similar variations.  To the right will be a tiny link called "WHOIS"-- click on it and you'll see... which shows it was registered anonymously on February 8 2013 and updated March 10 2013 by
c/o Whois Privacy Service
PO BOX 501610
San Diego, CA 92150-1610

Or check his more egregious bullshit:  BaseballBatSpeed.*com and TennisStrengthTraining.*com are linking to him over and over on terms like "brazilian gracie jiu jitsu", etc.   and*htm linked to Lloyd as "brazilian gracie jiu jitsu maryland"-- so does forearmstrength.*com  and baseballwriststrength.*com.

Master Lloyd is not interested in promoting women's rape defense or self defense programs.  Team Lloyd Irvin is not trying to teach seminars on rape prevention.  Team Lloyd Irvin is a byword for rape culture at this point, in the Brazilian jiu jitsu community anyways.  Lloyd Irvin is trying to bury that reality with SEO gaming.  In the Prince George County area, in the Camp Springs Maryland area, women looking to take self-defense classes aren't necessarily going to do a search on "Lloyd Irvin rape."  They might do searches on "rape prevention classes" or "self defense instruction" and then they'll find HIS sites first.

Matt Stroud wrote about Lloyd Irvin and his tricksy internet games in a publication focusing on internet marketing and SEO work:

Further indication of his big-picture scheme to game Google: Lloyd Irvin is begging for link exchanges on his site.

This is against google policy, under google's link abuse rules:
see for more info.

Please help out and make a request to have the page removed via this tool:

Someone who wanted to investigate this process and other ways to have a bad site site removed could do so via the following links:

One concern is that, because I've posted this information, Lloyd Irvin will remove the page and won't get punished by Google.

It also appears Master Lloyd Irvin is using to game Google.  I suggest you folks do the same. I was told that Lloyd's single post on that site is already in the top 10 for the search "lloyd irvin rape" however I haven't been able to duplicate that result (but I'm totally new to so I could be searching incorrectly.  Looking forward to feedback from y'all.)

Final thought-- please repost, tweet, link on facebook, blog about, and share in whatever other ways the following site:



Anonymous said...

On his page ending with /links.html he has categories where various websites are listed that are trading links with him.

This is a good example of how openly partnering with him can backfire since anyone can see sites that continue to support him even if only through relinking.

If the owners of other pages removed the links to his sites, I wonder if it would have a downstream effect on Google results?

Anonymous said...

The best method to countering Lloyd's SEO practices is to rally around a single site and have everyone link to it, blog it, forum post it, twitter it, etc. It worked for until Lloyd got that shut down. When you searched for "Lloyd Irvin" it came up #4 for a while. That's the goal. Currently, is the best candidate for repeating the same thing. I would encourage everyone to link to it, blog it, forum post it, twitter it, etc. As Georgette has pointed out, Lloyd will continue operating his "empire" using his Internet marketing tours. He will then take that income and use it to continue his SEO campaign. So, it is important to shut him down at the source. Anyone considering having him speak at an event will likely Google his name. It would be great if that link came up near the top. Further, someone who gets roped into his martial arts or rape prevention classes might google his name. It is important that the truth be near the top of results.