Monday, July 08, 2013

Back sprain.

Last Wednesday during warmups I noticed my back felt... tight.  Something was wrong but I had no idea what, so I persisted and did most of the calisthenics (skipped the ones which were obviously lower-back intensive) and then did class (which ended up being positional sparring for the next hour.)

One of my larger teammates offered to go a little heavier with me than usual because he was concerned that the local brownbelt who I outted might have other means of shutting me up in mind.  Of course, given that this person in question is a brownbelt, I'm probably screwed anyway-- but despite my back I accepted his offer.  And because my back was out, I couldn't even upa, shrimp, or escape with even my usual mediocrity.  So, I cowered and protected my face and generally endured.  Which was what my teammate wanted to see and show me-- even injured, even against someone twice my size, I can survive.

I really can't pinpoint what I did that cause my back to go out.  It's never done this before, and generally I think I have pretty good core support and fairly strong back musculature.  But whatever it was, my back did NOT like it.  By Friday I was really challenged to get out of bed or stand up from the toilet.  I had to miss a friend's baby shower on Sunday, and today I'm still hurting.  I will be happy if I feel like training tomorrow night; today is out of the question.

I'm going to set up a massage, hope that helps.  Otherwise I've done NSAIDs, hot showers, even tried muscle relaxants.  Foam roller and swiss ball have not improved things.


SavageKitsune said...

Where exactly is the pain? Is it high enough that it could be a rib?

Georgette said...

No, it's definitely lower back/sacrum area. I can lay down, sit, stand and walk comfortably (though my husband says he can tell I'm holding my muscles/pelvis differently) but any transition between them is awful. And forget bending over-- that's when I reallly feel it. I'm going to make an appointment with my massage therapist in a minute here. Maybe get on my husband's inversion table tonight.

Tree Frog said...

If there was a moment where you tipped all the way over to a side while keeping your legs stationary, that might have done it.

I hurt my sacrum back in 2007 when I was moving a washing machine with two other people. I had one end and the two the other. One of them let his end go and I tipped over while bearing the weight.

Took me a few months to get back to normal because I kept re-aggravating it when it was deceptively "healed" (as in not yet healed, but feeling much better).

Georgette said...

Interesting. I have tried to mentally recreate all the movements I did prior to feeling the tightness. The best guess I have is a quad stretch I like- you kneel on the mat, then lay backwards , with your hips on the mat between your feet. My quads are quite flexible so this isn't much of a stretch.. but my behind is pretty round, so it usually makes my lower back arch a lot. I suspect I went back too quickly and forced a hyperextension (hyperflexion?) of my lumbar spine.

In any case, I have a myofascial/sports massage in an hour, so I'm crossing my paws!