Friday, July 05, 2013

UFC 162-- Tim Kennedy v. Roger Gracie

Tim Kennedy is my teammate.  This fills me with ridiculous pride.  The man is a beast!  [Edited to add: and he beat Roger in a unanimous judge's decision!]

Strong, fast, tough goes without saying (duh, he's a Ranger!); he's also funny, kind, and definitely goofy at times (you should see his American flag wrestling singlet).  He can decimate pretty much everyone on my team except the blackbelts.  With me he's gentle as a kitten, toys with me, lets me work, and then just as gently ties me up in a neat package and kills me.  He's fighting Roger Gracie this Saturday, too... I'm psyched!

Here's his RevGear pre-fight interview:

Here's some of the secrets of his success (the funniest video of all, and if you only watch one of these, make it this one.  Check the kimono-and-katana action!)

Tim's interview with Patrick Stanger (who happens to train jiu jitsu with my husband at Sean Cooper's)

And Tim's pre-UFC 162 press conference with MMA Weekly:

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PirateMartialArts said...

Goodluck to Tim.
I'm an army guy myself, so seeing him fight a BJJ legend fills me with warm feelings as well.