Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pandora's Box is wiiiiide open now.

As my husband puts it, when I attacked rape culture I opened Pandora's box.

Pandora's box is only a problem if there is something bad inside.  Whoever you are, your box is empty.

Your version of revenge is pathetic.  Is this all you got??  Some sad, made-up bullshit?  I thought I'd get at least a photoshopped version of my head stitched on some porn star's body... or a forged email professing my undying love for your penis... or c'mon, the facebook message in which I supposedly blew you off?  But the best you have is a four-year-old photo of me I've posted on my blog, youtube, facebook, google+, and twitter?  Are you fucking KIDDING???

Accuse me of cheating, whatever-- I assumed the risk that butthurt rapists would try some kind of retaliation.  (Admittedly I thought you'd man up and actually assault me, not hide behind some anonymous login like your momma's skirts.)  But to insult my husband when everyone who knows him knows he's the NICEST guy ever?  Fuck you.

I hope you're ready because this was a very foolish mistake on your part.  You've sown the wind.



SavageKitsune said...

At least this time he remembered to get his mom to spellcheck for him.

Adam Cousins said...

Admittedly my photoshop skills are not up-to-par. Sorry Georgette ;)

Wow, and I thought *I* had haters.

Stay awesome.

Anonymous said...

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