Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gracie class 11/20 evening

All technique moved to Relson Gracie Austin Journal.


AJL said...

What is it that is so addictive about the Brazilian Ju Jitsu?

I hear David Mamet loves it also.

Alan Lipman

-Head of State

Georgette said...

It's physical chess-- it's total body exercise-- it's a neverending physical *and* intellectual challenge. And unlike many other martial arts, you don't "pull punches"- you train hard and try hard but know that when you get to the "goal" your partner taps out, so you don't worry about really hurting them. You can try as hard as you can and still be safe-- if that makes sense?

Plus, me personally? I dig being a rarity. I like being a woman in a male-dominated activity because I like pushing my boundaries, challenging myself, and being unique (or unique-ish, seeing as how I'm not the "only" woman at my school or the activity.)