Friday, November 28, 2008

Gracie class 11/27

Yes, even on Turkey Day, we train :) I got there late, 7am or so, and worked in on passing and defending open guard. Glenn, a purple, and Nick, another white, both schooled me pretty good. I popped another nosebleed for no reason whatsoever. I dunno.

Last night I had dinner with Mitch, Scott my "purple wing," Ivelin and Richard, and I was starting to seriously doubt whether I'd do NAGA. Stage fright or something... but today Phil said we needed to take it easy because I had a tournament next weekend... and it was funny, like all I needed to hear was Phil's confidence to get mine back.

(Of course, he had no idea I was stage-frighting, nor did he indicate any confidence in how I would perform! but in that moment, I felt protected and even championed, like I was important or something... I'm sure there's some psychology in there, daddy-figure analysis, etc.)

Anyways, look forward to rolling with Jason and Leila and Scott. Leila because she's the best approximation I have of the likely competition at NAGA... Jason because he's better than me but willing to work with me, and not too much bigger... Scott because he plugs holes in my game (assuming I have the RAM necessary to absorb his comments).

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