Thursday, August 05, 2010

Busy busy day

First, yesterday my niece Sarah arrived and I met her and my husband for dinner at Hut's Hamburgers after class. She's 12, with long brown hair and adorable freckles, and she gets to spend a week with us every summer. I love having her around. Class last night was -- meh. I wanted to do judo with Spencer after the kids' class I help with, but for various reasons it wasn't good timing, so he and I watched the technique portion of class from our perch on a heavy bag. I jumped in for positional sparring, but he scooted. I did work enough to break a solid, drippy sweat, so I was quite famished by the time I got to Hut's. Wednesday is 2 for 1 night, so I wolfed one and a half Ritchie Valens. Yes, all the burgers have cool names and the Ritchie is phenomenal: wheat bun, 1/3 lb burger, grated cheddar, chopped onion, jalapenos, tomatoes, guacamole and mustard. Hea-ven with a chocolate shake chaser (I had 4 big gulps only.)

This morning class was not as expected, but I did get some uber quality drilling and feedback from Max. He taught me how to really loft people with my butterfly, then convert to X guard and thence into a bellydown ankle lock or whatever kind of sweeps you want. I love him. So sad when he goes back to LA!

I did, however, present buttermilk biscuits with honey butter to the gang, as promised. I got called the gym mom for my troubles, but oh well, as long as I don't LOOK like a mom.

Got a bad migraine and had to call in sick for work. Eventually got over the migraine and took Sarah to the Alamo Drafthouse for lunch and "Inception." Wow, that was a REALLY entertaining movie (and it has jits in it! doubleplus good!) and it made me want to ask my concept art friend how they did certain things in the film.

After, hung out in the pool with Sarah... made guacamole... brought Sarah to class and got my butt beat. Pillow chokes, dropdown armbars, and flying triangles, then a single leg counter. Then, the rolls. Got one blue with a messy and sloppy looping choke and a pure-fatigue tap. Got a big technical whitebelt with... oh wait, dammit that's the guy who got ME. I did some things really right with him like pass to knee on belly-- but it was on the "wrong" side so I took so long thinking of the mirror image grips to set up the baseball bat choke, it let him escape. Eventually he got me with an americana from mount, some kind of choke, and then I tapped from pure fatigue (embarrassing because I was in TOP SIDE CONTROL. What did I have to be tired from!?) Generally though I am happier with my guard which is still like a whitebelt's anywhere else.

Came home to grilled brined chicken and tater salad and green beans with cantaloupe for dessert.

I am so sleepy right now my eyes are crossing involuntarily, so it's a good sign I need to go to bed. Catch you on the flipside, tomorrow! :)

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