Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still sickie...

Uh. I feel punky.

Yesterday was feeling better, so I did go to lunch open mat. Rolled maybe 30 min and felt like it was 90... fatigued, trembly, lightheaded... so I sat out the rest. Came home after work and ran another fever-- spent the evening on the couch covered in blankets. Sucked. My back is killing me because I'm not used to spending this much time prone, my head and eyeballs hurt, I'm hot, and I'm snotty.

One upside is I'm finally copying some files to my instructor's harddrive which he gave me weeks ago. And I'm finally doing my gi design for Meerkat and Part Time Grappler's contest.

This afternoon is Relson's seminar and honestly I might just watch. No one likes a Typhoid Mary. Tonight is some great UFC, and I need to make something to bring to that and to my friend Bill's housewarming party.

I just wish I could shake this thing.

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SkinnyD said...

Hope you get feeling better...nothing worse than being kept off the mat because your sick. Well, maybe there are worse things, but it sure doesn't feel that way!