Monday, August 23, 2010

Super sleepy.

It's that drowsy, didn't get enough sleep, been reading all day, warm and still and cosy feeling...

Been busy lately, no surprise. Friday I did lunch open mat and an hour in the evening, which was all good but by now is all gone from my brain, sadly.

Saturday morning, hubs and I bailed on mowing the yard or doing anything workish and instead had breakfast out. Belgian waffles, check :) Saturday class was good-- the Giberson warmup was slightly more demanding than usual which I enjoyed, except for the wall stands (feet on wall about 4' up, hands on the mat, keep back straight.) Class was focused on escaping north-south. I got some excellent drilling in afterwards with a whitebelt guy whose name I forget-- tall, lanky, auburn hair and just a little heavier than me, been training a couple months. He wanted to work guard and guard passing so it was a good opportunity for me. Saturday night the gang hit a local place for dinner and to watch Strikeforce, where one of our teammates Tim Kennedy went to war with Jacare. Sadly, after 5 rounds it went to the judges who picked Jacare, but we were happy with his effort. I thought most of the fights were kind of boring, to be honest, but Noons really irked me with his after the bell shot and his headkick to the downed opponent...

Sunday started with awesomeness in the form of a private with Donald Park. I needed some review on side control, both keeping it from the top (and making people miserable on the bottom) and getting out of it on the bottom. Also got some help on my armbars from there... then jumped into class where crucifix attacks were on the menu. Had fun with that for sure.

Lazy Sunday afternoon with some shopping and reading and laundry, and got to hang out with my girlfriend for some late-night gab and tea. Unfortunately time got away from us and I didn't get to sleep till 1ish! Which made getting up this morning for training just suckitude. Good rolls though.

Skipped lunch open mat-- going home to make dinner, and if we're done relatively early, I will head back to the academy around 7.

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