Sunday, August 08, 2010

Good times.

We've enjoyed having our niece Sarah visit us since last Wednesday. Thursday we saw Inception, ate lunch, and hung out in the pool...

On Friday, she went with my husband to his class at the university, then posed in front of the Tower.

Then later they went bowling at the Student Union.

Yesterday Sarah helped me make these buttermilk spice muffins for breakfast.

I wouldn't say I enjoyed watching Silva's fight, but at least the ending was acceptable for me. I know he's a dick, but he's better than the Republican he fought. And today's my birthday.

I can't believe I've lived in this house for three years and hadn't yet thought of sitting in this tree for a photo op.

My godmother (mom's best friend Karen) sent me these lovely roses.

Of course, Mitch knows the way to my heart-- another book in the Beneville guard series :) He also washed my car for me yesterday, and tonight we're going out for dinner with a bunch of friends.

Good times, good times. :)


The Part Time Grappler said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your pictures look absolutely wonderful and happyful.

Anonymous said...

That guard book is excellent...crazy amount of pics, but good techniques


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, G!

Great pictures! You are such a beautiful lady. =)

Georgette said...

Sweet talker! :) Thanks :)