Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jumping guard.

Well, I finally did it. I took two days off training. Sunday my husband needed help with some yard work (though I admit I was not very gracious about it in my mind, I'm hoping I hid it well.) Yesterday, I wanted to train in the morning, but no one with a key was available to let us in. Was going to train at lunch, but something came up.. and needed to pick up some medicine for our reef tank in the evening.

How was it? It bloody sucked.

I was really happy for morning class today. Max taught-- some of the same techniques he showed last week on an informal basis. Some jumping guard ideas, some sweeps. All good and useful stuff.

Poor Scott, a big blue belt, broke his nose on Kirk's head during a timing drill. Bled like a stuck pig, too, so he left in the middle and took his 130 lb son (my perfectly-sized training partner) with him.

He has to get surgery on Monday! Said he spent a long time in the doctor's office and has broken bones and a smashed septum. Ouch.

We have a new girl in the school too, who just moved from Ohio. She's a 4 stripe blue, but she's TINY (weighs 30 lbs less than me!) and not strong. I feel like I could break her in half like a twig if I wanted. When she jumps guard on me it's like having a toddler hop into my arms :) So, I tentatively tried once to half-hop, half-lift my leg onto/around her and she staggered like I was made of lead. I felt too guilty to continue so I just waited till Phil was free, and then tackled him repeatedly. I'm uncoordinated enough to have problems jumping guard and immediately transitioning to X guard, so I tried to work on that a bunch.

Did get some good rolls in with Phil after class. He's so generous with trying to teach me how to beat him. I never remember all the details (and ha, it's not like there were so many!) but he's patient so it's all good.

Donald's competition class tonight, and I'm already sleepy...


Stephanie said...

I love jumping guard! Though that may largely be due to the fact that I am almost 6 feet tall, and have overly long legs.

The first time I did it, was in a competition, and I got the wind knocked out of me when my opponent flopped over like a dead fish... but after that I got a very large male team mate to let me do it over and over... and over and over again. Now I am really comfortable doing it, and if my fight starts on my feet... I jump. ... and I also do it to non-suspecting team mates on the mat when they are just expecting a hug. =)

Actual legitimate take downs however... well, I am the one falling over like a dead fish when I try those.

SkinnyD said...

LOL! So, was the BJJ addiction this bad from day 1, or has it just gotten worse over time?

Georgette said...

The addiction symptoms got worse, though my enthusiasm for the sport was pretty much 110% from day one.