Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homework from a year ago....

Last February, Stephan Kesting sent out this homework assignment, and I thought it would be useful to do it again... put down at least two answers to every question.

Closed guard submissions: looping choke, numerous gi chokes, triangle, armbar
Closed guard passes: knee-through, low pass, double-under
Closed guard sweeps: pendulum, whitebelt-killer, flower
Open guard submissions: reverse armbar, omoplata,
Open guard passes: torreador, step-through
Open guard sweeps: scissor, push, elevator
Half guard submissions: americana, pillow choke
Half guard passes: Relson's pass, Donald's pass, double-under
Half guard sweeps: old school, diveunder, Ryan Hall
Side mount submissions: americana, papercutter, near and farside armbars
Side mount transitions: N/S, mount
Side mount escapes: elbow-knee; needle through to knees
Knee mount submissions: baseball bat choke, armbar
Knee mount transitions: mount, N/S
Knee mount escapes: Shrimp like hell, arm under their base ankle and push on belly.
Full mount submissions: Ezequiel, mounted triangle
Full mount transitions: N/S, side control
Full mount escapes: elbow-knee back to guard, upa roll, Rickson's push
Rear mount submissions: Fredson, 4-finger, RNC, armbar
Rear mount transitions: to mount, side control
Rear mount escapes: roll into guard, slide down and out, stand up high and go to sidecontrol
Turtle submissions: toehold (to person turtling), kneebar (from inside turtle)
Turtle transitions:
Turtle escapes: roll to guard, ??


spicer said...

Turtle escapes: Sit-out (wrestling move), protect hips and fall to your side and regain guard.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE this, particularly the knee bar from inside turtle...hmmm.. i'm going to play with this