Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sydney Oz?

Hey-- who all trains in Sydney, Australia?  Got a girlfriend who's looking for people to train with before the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials.... let me know!  Thanks!


slideyfoot said...

I don't train there, but I thought I'd just stick in a quick plug for my old instructor, Nic Gregoriades, who has recently opened up a school in Sydney. I've trained at quite a few places and with a bunch of instructors now, and Nic is right up there with the best.

Dan said...

I think Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts is quiet a good place too. I'm in Brisbane and we have Another Perosh come up quite a bit for seminars.


Hope that helps.

Georgette said...

From George A. on facebook:

Hi Georgette,

firstly I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, though sometimes it feels a bit selfish, like a one way conversation. Anyway we seem to be on similar trajectories BJJ wise, I just got my purple a couple of months ago.

you mentioned you had a friend coming for the trails next month. I normally don't brag about the gym I train at, but I think its the best in Sydney. Gracie Sydney is run by Bruno Panno, he is Royler black belt. He ran the Humaita for a while back in Rio.

We are starting our comp training on M,W,F at 1030. All our black belts (including Marcos Nevel) and guys competing at trails will be there. Plus our normal time table.

I am not sure what plans your friend has, but I would recommend staying in Coogee, a beach side suburb in the eastern suburbs. There are a fair few guys who live there, so getting a lift to the gym in Alexandria should be easy.

I also think maybe getting Relson (I assume she trains under him) or Royler getting in contact with Bruno, so that she gets looked after.

Anyway let me know if I can help in anyway.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Georgette, my coaches couldn't pesonally recommend any gym, they haven't trained in Sydney. They could just recommend Sinosic Perosh like we discussed.