Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lightweight gis as IBJJF tourney season approaches....

The Houston International Open has all the makings of being the Texas/central US warmup tournament for the Pans and Mundials (the IBJJF World Championships). It will happen again this year in Houston, February 12-13. Last year notables like Bruno Bastos, Rafael Lovato Jr., Christina Thomas, Donald Park and Bill Cooper competed.. this year I hear Kyra Gracie will be competing (and probably the same people and more..)

Well, with the happy thoughts of weighing in right before your matches, in full regalia, come happier thoughts of lightweight gis. Last year I was cutting it pretty close, so I had to know that my regular BJJ belt weighs .4 lbs (whereas a cheapie karate belt only weighs .2 lbs.) So here's some links and pictures and ideas, if you're cutting it close too... I hope to pull in some discount codes for your purchasing pleasure, so check back for edits!

Break Point's ladies' lightweight gi... only $129 from MMAOutlet.com. Huge size range, though I wish that Break Point didn't assume that ladies from 5'2"-5'5" all weighed 130 lbs or less, and I wish BP included two pairs of pants for ladies' gis.

The mens' BP lightweight is $139 (with two pairs of pants.)

The Atama Ultra Light is $126 there.

The Gameness Air in white is only $118 at BudoVideos. (In blue it's $128.) MMAOutlet.com has a best price guarantee so if you're hung up on this gi you might try to get it for less with MMAOutlet.

The standard is the Vulkan Ultra Light, $135 at MMAOutlet. I have this as my competition gi and my A1 weighs about 2.2 lbs. (I did have the jacket tailored to shorten the skirt a tiny bit.)

Plus, if you're a tiny peep like me or smaller, you'll definitely want to consider a Keiko Raca child's gi in size M4 (it fits me, 5'2" 135ish, just fine) or M3 (for you lady feathers and superfeathers out there). The gi weighs 2.2 and only costs $114 at BudoVideos.

Please comment and tell us what lightweight gi you have, like, etc... Please include the size, model, and weight of the gi. Thanks!


Mark said...

I have the black Break Point: A2/mens.

It's one of my favorite gi's.

The build quality is fantastic No worries about it ripping apart. I've had it for a bit over a year now and I cannot see any wear or tear on it. I do rotate my gi's, so it may be used only once per week.

I can be a bit still, like most gi's. I just chuck mine in the dryer on no heat for 10 minutes before class and that helps to soften it a bit. Really for my classmates safety :)

The pants are excellent(tough/durable/good fit), and I got a bag with a second set of super light weight rip stop pants. Very nice indeed!

In conclusion:
PROs:excellent looks, build quality, very very durable, the black color is still nice and dark...it has not faded to that of whale skin(or may never!).
CON's: Little white fuzzies I have to pick of my black gi... Standard gi pant shoe lace string. You know, the type that's a bitch to untie when you have sweated a bit...and a REALLY hardcore bitch when you have to whiz... I prefer the round yard ties to these ties. Much easier on the bladder. :)

Jiujitsunista said...

It never occurred to me for the smaller ladies to get children's gis. I'll pass that info on to some of my wee teammates! =)

I planning on getting another gi within the next few weeks, sp this post came at a perfect time. Thanks G!

Shark Girl said...

Never competed so can't weigh in on that, but as far as style goes, I like the patterns on the jacket interiors! Very cool...like a little surprise!

Anonymous said...

I looooove that first gi. Of course, I'd have to order the one for the SIX FOOT TALL WOMAN because I'm 5'4" and 190 lbs. Sigh. Some day I'll weigh less. Some day. I have serious gi envy. I just wish I could try some of these on.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to compete at the Houston International Open? I won't be competing, but I do intend on dropping in to drink in the excitement. I would like to catch up with you and maybe meet some other bloggers. So, if you or anybody else is going to be their let me know so I can look for you guys!