Friday, October 31, 2008

Gracie class, evening 10/30

Worked with Anthony, one of the nicest blues out there. Felt like class covered a ton of material. Then I got to roll: Anthony was wonderful, as was another guy with reddish hair and brown eyes whose name I can't recall. I learned ("learned") a lot from them both but dammit can't remember it! I screwed the pooch with mount escapes and transitioning from guard passing to controlling their hips.. also didn't do so hot with half guard passing. I did get one americana and one armbar. On someone. Tried for takedowns- need to work on grip fighting. Weighting a person's foot so you can tip them with the other foot (it's been lightened.)

Got to roll with Filip also... ha ha, he's easily 210 lbs, maybe 6'1"? and a two stripe blue :) When passing an open butterfly guard, pull down the pants leg hard enough to straighten their leg then step over.

Randy gave me some interesting pointers on angles and an arm control; my R arm/your L arm. we're facing each other at an angle. I swim my R arm under his bicep (b/t his bicep & ribcage) and then out again over his forearm. Don't need to grab; also can do takedown with shoulder pressure and/or sweep with leg involvement.

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