Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stop the presses...

Yesterday I got to help out with the kids' kajukenbo class! I help herd eight kids (all under age 8) through forms and learning right from left and remembering to say "yes sir" instead of "yeah." They're super cute.

Tonight I joined the usual suspects at Hut's for two-for-one burger night... Robert and his wife Narvell, Samir, Zade and I... yum! And I got a great night's sleep last night. I even took off this morning, didn't do the 6am class at the Gracie school. My right elbow is feeling better though the tricep is still a little sore.. my neck/trap issues are getting better thanks to my awesome massage by Spencer... so it was a good rest.

Today, I'm rolling with my girlfriend Maggie. She's freaking gorgeous, smart, and so talented (musically and athletically). This is her, in a publicity shot:

I hope she continues her interest in jiu jitsu. Anyway, I think it's fun to help her, because trying to remember and explain something always cements the knowledge in my head better than just doing. She's learned a guard pass to mount to armbar from Robert and if she keeps up with it she'll be really good.

Tournament Saturday and durnit, my black eye is already healing. How will I win friends and influence people without it? :)

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