Friday, October 10, 2008


As in, I hope I'm peaking properly for this tournament. I am happy that I took yesterday off too-- I slept about 11 hours last night and genuinely felt "raring to go" today.

I still move a bit too much when I first get guard- he says I need to sit still and think for a moment first. I refreshed my memory on side mount escapes. Worked on getting the back a bit.

Fortunately, my black eye still looks fairly menacing, and I hope it still looks nice and dark tomorrow. I'm taking tonight off of salsa, just going to have a nice dinner with my saintly husband and then go to bed early. I have been watching an excellent instructional on leglocks, again by Stephan Kesting, for most of the day today. Ankle locks are permitted, so I'd like to have that in my arsenal if possible. I started watching Demian Maia's DVDs The Science of Jiu Jitsu today. The language barrier is one thing, but the more annoying is the organizational structure or lack thereof. I don't play spider guard yet, and since this is a no-gi tourney, I'd like to skip through the gi-only techniques, but his menu pages only number the chapters, giving you no choice but to watch at least the beginning of each.

Tomorrow, we leave the house by 6:30, meet the "wrecking crew" (LOL) at Gracie by 7... weigh-in is from 8:30-9:30, and matches start at 10. I expect the tourney to take all day tomorrow. Then we have dinner plans with friends, and Larry Harlow's playing Antone's tomorrow night. A full day of jits may not leave me much energy for salsa dancing but I will give it my best effort.

Sunday I hope to load videos of my matches onto YouTube or at least up here.

Oh, and I got some new shorts! Check them out:

Please, wish me luck.. ideally I win my division, but at a minimum, pray that I come home in one piece, healthy and able to keep training, and with lots of lessons learned.

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GenXFamilyMan said...

Really enjoy your blog. I'm a BJJ noob but am hooked. Do you have any recommendations for some good books out there for beginners?

You seem to have a pretty extensive source of dvds/books. Have you thought about making a post about the more helpful ones you'd recommend for others esp. beginners?

Thanks & keep up the good work!