Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rolling 10/21/08

Rolled with Tom and his students today at Castle Hill... Nick, from Phil's, and his boss Dan, and another big guy I didn't get to officially meet. Tom is prepping them to fight at NAGA, so he is actively teaching a little more which is nice.

We started with positional drills from guard to warm up-- kimura each side, armbar each side, and guillotine each side. 3 minutes each person, then switch; then 2 minutes each and switch.

Then we learned a butterfly? sweep from guard when you have them guillotined and they stack you. If you have their head tucked under your right arm, when they stack you collect their arm against your side by tightly pinching your left arm to their tricep. Snake your R foot under their thigh like a butterfly hook; rest your L leg across the top of their R leg, above the knee. Simultaneously rotate your hips towards your left side, kick downwards with your L leg, and kick upwards with your R foot, keeping control of their head. Arch your back upwards and drive your hips forward through your wrist while looking at the sky to finish the guillotine.

We also learned an armbar counter. It works when they have your arm isolated and they're in the process of sitting back to straighten it; if it's already locked out you're too late. If they have your R arm, you're going to swing your R leg HARD across your body from R to L, rotating your torso to the L. Go underneath your trapped arm and come up with your head on the outside of their L hip, moving towards their torso for the pass. Must do this quickly. It's called a hitchhiker escape.

Then we got to roll. All started from the knees. I can't recall many details, but I know I subbed Nick once with a guillotine (it doesn't work so well for me when I have them in my guard, but if they reverse so I'm on top it's nice.) He armbarred me once (I learned if you have your arms locked together, you turn into them, and if it's being straightened, you turn away) and kimura'd me once. I tried a couple times with him and with Tom to do an armdrag and get their back; ended up with them on my back. Both Nick and Tom have a tough open guard. Twice I tried even to set up the armbar on Tom and apparently I'm too slow because he was laughing at me and easily pulled out, to which I should have triangled him, yet again I was sooooo slow!

Good times had by all. Tonight is Phil's from 5-9, yay.

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