Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wednesday's roll...

It occurs to me I should start dating my blogs about rolls... otherwise the pleasant possibility of infinite "Monday roll"s, "Tuesday roll"s, etc. It's like sushi-- always different, always good.

Anyway-- rolled with Robert yesterday. We got stuck in the yoga room so it was steamy hot from all the sunlight. I had better luck with my guard pass, grabbing his pants and sinking my elbows in deeply, being up on active feet and getting that knee up quickly. Not so much luck with the "soaring" my knee over his leg. Never could do the forearm choke; successfully swept him with the scissor though and that was fun. Did not attempt the elevator due to the size differential. I was better at avoiding the triangle, focused on having both arms in or no arms in and that seemed to help.

He let me tap him twice-- once, as always, with the Americana from side mount, and one really weird random strange armbar. After a lengthy attempt to keep his back and sink an RNC, I ended up scrambling to defend myself and found my legs wrapped around his neck, he was on his back and I was face down, perpendicular to his body. Meanwhile, I had some poorly-executed excuse for a straight arm bar going on with his R arm. He tried to peel my legs off his chin/face/neck but was not successful. It worked but it was ugggggly. I couldn't recreate it if I tried and thank goodness.

I was better at holding on to my gi or his, defensively.

Today I have the Gracie school 5-8pm. Yum!

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