Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot knife.

Had a great private this morning with Donald. There's never any lack of stuff to work on. As always... I want passes, so we worked passing. I realize I've been working on passing guard my whole jiu jitsu life. (Secretly I want to be a hot knife as well as a spinning snowflake-shaped blade. Guess it's not so secret now, huh? Hopefully I find some peeps who play butter guard...)

Then I asked how I can be a better training partner to one of my friends, who is a blue belt about 30-35 lbs lighter than me. I finally think I get it-- a little bit-- because he showed me how it felt. When they do the right thing, you give it to them. When they don't, you wait a second, then YOU do the right thing, which shows them where they went wrong.

Problem being, I'm a blue belt, so I have a lot of uncertainty about what the right thing to do is. This is to be expected, he says.


Oh, and I have a question. WHY oh why has the consistent #1 most viewed post on this blog been the one titled "Lake Tahoe Classic Jiu Jitsu Tournament"??? I mean, for MONTHS and MONTHS it's #1. It used to be titled "Lake Tahoe Classic" and I thought maybe golfers or tennis people or something were stumbling this way, so I clarified it... just crazy! I'm happy to have the viewers but it's not anything amazing...


Stephanie said...

Guard passes are my nemesis. I will always be the Balrog. I will never pass!

Guard passes are always on my top list of things I need to suck less at.... but one day I swear I too will be a hot knife and everyone else will have butter guard! ... A girl can dream right?

Lynngineer said...

About LTC, it *might* make sense because the Lake Tahoe Open is April 2nd so it got posted recently. This is put on by my coaches, but I still confuse whether it's "Open" or "Classic" so perhaps other people are doing the same thing. Googling it brings up BJJ Truckee Tahoe first and your post is the 3rd result. So, I think it's just that another Lake Tahoe tourney is here and there's buzz and traffic about it. :)

2011 Lake Tahoe Open April 2nd.
Note that on Sunday there is a seminar by Felicia Oh and Valerie Worthington.