Thursday, March 10, 2011

If you're looking for a gi or some new nogi stuff...

You might have heard me mention once or twice how much I like my Black Eagle gi, but you might discount my enthusiasm because they sponsor me.  Really-- it's kind of the other way around.  I like the gi, and I can't shut up about it, so they sponsor me.  If you know me personally (or feel like you do because you read my thoughts here regularly) then you know I'm a viciously constructive critic and a hyperbolic but accurate fan.  I am not exclusively sponsored by BE, meaning I can and do wear other gis for training and competition... and I'm actively involved in roadtesting (mattesting?) gis by other companies... and I do so with a very open mind.  After all, no sponsor (yet!) pays my way, so I'm not risking anything by being honest.  My first and primary goal is my jits, and I'm always wanting the best technique, instructors, training partners, diet, and yes, gis ... to accomplish that goal. So keep that in mind when I blissfully rhapsodize about my Black Eagle gi.

I can't wait for the new Predator II to come out... they're already accepting pre-orders and the first batch should be shipping out very shortly.  Despite coming from the UK they're surprisingly affordable, too.
For US-based customers, including shipping, a white Predator works out to be around $100 and a blue one $120.  That's shipped!!! 
Click here to buy the white pearl weave Predator II.

And click here to buy the blue one.

They have some pretty spiffy new nogi stuff in the works as well. I believe this stuff is further back in the production stages- maybe available later this spring or summer.


Steve Spencer said...

I really like the looks of that Blue Gi. Particularly at the price point. Do you find the fabric to by pajama-like pliable, or more toward the grind your opponents finger prints off?

Georgette said...

I'd say it's more pliable. Definitely not HCK-esque, but not flimsy like a Vulkan Ultralight. I'd say a little more resilient than a Keiko Raca, not as stiff as an airdried Gameness or Atama Mundial #9.