Friday, March 04, 2011

Please send me gis for the kids in Moldova.

I was incredibly moved by Christian's account of the kids training BJJ in Moldova. He wrote:

"That place is really an experience. As I wrote in the other post, there are holes in the floor, the lights are old streetlights and the soccer goals are just painted on the walls with crayon. Most noticeable though is, that there is no heating, My guess is, that there was probably around 5-10 degrees Celsius in there. I had to wear two tshirts under my gi, socks (occasionally shoes, when it got too cold), and my cap (thanks Nogi, you saved my ass there :)).

The kids found the old, torn gi’s from a back room and got dressed. None of them fit. The belts were mostly random pieces of cloth. One kid had a belt from a robe. The gi’s were way too big and some kids only had pants or jackets. They had lots of clothes on underneath to stay warm."

I mentally looked at the shelf over my washer/dryer, crowded with gis (some of which I don't even wear because they don't fit "just right" or don't feel as good as others.)

I looked at my dresser drawer full of tournament tshirts, rashguards, grappling shorts... and I don't even really WEAR most of those shorts because I think they make me look fat!

So... I'm going to put together a package to send over there. Yeah, yeah, the postage will be ridiculous. As soon as Christian gets me an address, I'll post it here, so you can pay your own postage if you like-- or you can send your donations to me, and I'll handle it.

Send me gis, belts, rashguards, or you can donate to cover postage.



A.D. McClish said...

Awesome idea, G. If I had extra gis I would send them to you! Hope people chip in and send some! :)

Stephanie said...

Awesome! I am really happy you are doing this... I had to choke back tears reading that blog post.

Gina said...

It makes me feel bad for complaining that I can't afford things like fancy gis, when I should just be grateful to have a gi at all, and heat! This is a really great thing that you are doing for them, Georgette.

dannymack said...

Where do we send the money to? Are you going to setup a paypal account?

mi said...

Hey sister where can I send the gis to you at? I have one that will fit them.

mi said...

I'll send a gi to you georgette or to them whichever you think is easier. We need to stay on top of this so it is not forgotten.

Megan said...

Love this...great idea.

Anonymous said...

Georgette - I cried when I read BJJglobetrotter's post. (And I complain about training in 50F weather). I don't have a plethora of gis, but I am willing to pledge $50.00. Do you think you can get a discount from a distributor for the cause? It sounds like the kids need instructors as well. To bad we can't set up a "No Borders BJJ" kind of like "Doctors Without Borders", for voluteers to go to remote places to teach kids BJJ and take them gis. I definitly go, of course I'm crazy and like to travel to odd places. Anyway, when you sort out all the details of your project email me and I'll send you the money or buy a gi to send to you.