Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tournament on Saturday

I'm competing in a local tournament, the Austin Open, this Saturday, conveniently located in Austin. It's run by the guys at Fight to Win & World Grappling Circuit and it's usually fairly well put together. I'm also working the tournament for spare cash. Just a nice smooth flow tournament is all I ask... my goals are to have everything go at the same speed & intensity as everything else. I am happy with my weight loss progress for Pans (have lost about 13 lbs of my Christmas fat; should be plenty fine for light weight at Pans but for feather, I need to lose about 14 more pounds. Yeah, I truly got porky pig with my Aunt's meatloaf, and lemon poppyseed cake, and the pigs in blankets, oh!)

Comp class tonight rocked, rocked, rocked. Donald's protege, a brownbelt named Darrin, is visiting from his school in Cleveland. He's my height, my size, and he plays (from what I've seen) a very fast, fluid game. And super warm and friendly. I'm giving him a ride to/from noon open mat and hopefully I can take advantage of his presence. Ironically, one of my trainers at the other gym was listening to me recount what I have eaten, how much I'm working out, etc. His prescription? Find a tiny fast brownbelt who will not stall on top but will make me keep moving all the time. In my head I was all "OK,but there ARE no tiny browns." AND, voila, God heard me and plopped Donald's protege into my lap.

So sleepy my eyes are unfocusing. I'm going to sleep in till 7am, work, train, work more, train more, and weigh in tomorrow night.


Meg Smitley said...

Have fun on Saturday. I like your goals for the day. Dropping that sort of weight is strong work! When I dropped a similar amount I took a route similar to what you've been advised (minus the brown belt, but that would make the process way more fun!). When I did need some extra carbs I had small portions of brown rice; that stuff sticks to your ribs and makes you feel awesome with the low GI. I know you'll get there and it sounds like the meatloaf was totally worth it! (Are you from a family of mazing cooks?!)

Georgette said...

Yes, sadly I am... fabulous Southern cooking, amazing baked goods, and a tradition of Christmas lounging, playing games all day long, and eating all day long.

I SWEAR, when I lose this weight, it's for the LAST TIME. No more relaxing from November-January and thinking "oh well, I'll just cut weight again for the spring tournament season, it's not that hard." It gets harder every time, and there's just no need to go so overboard! I want to bring in some healthy yummy foods as alternatives. :)