Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back in the saddle!

I had a fantastic 3-day weekend with my girlfriends. Every year for Presidents' Day weekend we get together somewhere in the South, and this time it was in Cocoa Beach, FL. I'll post more pictures and update this post tomorrow.  For now, this is Shelley, me, and Janet, on the beach.

We met in grad school back in 1998 and (long story) ended up forming the Committee.  So, we have annual Committee Meetings.  Both Shelley and Janet have little girls named Reagan (though Shelley's daughter's name is spelled Reagann.)  Shelley, left, lives in Little Rock and Janet, center, lives in Richmond. 

We have stood by each other through good times and bad.  We never hesitate to call bullshit on each other but we also always have each others' backs.  Our vacation was amazingly restful-- we ate a lot, spent time on the beach, went shopping, and read a ton.  And got lots of sleep.  Seems like next year we're looking at somewhere in Mexico, or maybe a short cruise, or maybe San Diego.  First, though, Shelley's getting hitched in late June.

But in the meantime, I'm hitting the ground running with a LOT of training and really pushing my personal Pans training camp. That means 3 a days, 5 days a week (just once on Sat and Sun)-- really strict diet (no chocolate! no treats! no fried stuff! NO FUN!)-- 8 hours of sleep a night-- and really focused training. I did class this morning (quality time with double and single legs) and then I'm back to my daily noon battles with crossfit (woo, love the burn.. sorta..) And after 20 minutes in the infrared sauna, I chowed down on some kale and carrot salad which was heavenly.

If you're a grappler in Texas or near it, there's a super-affordable nogi tournament in Austin on March 12. And if you're a gal grappler, it's even more affordable: Once again the Texas Submission League will be offering all adult female competitors registration at 50% off ($15) for a limited time for our next tournament to be held on 03/12/11. For more info, please contact Rafael Perez or visit http://www.texassubleague.com. Thanks.

Work is still hectic busy. And so I'm getting back to it, after I share a couple things with you:

Last, I love Kurt Osiander's stuff. I subscribed to this channel on youtube and have a backlog of his "weekly technique" stuff. This week's dealio is right up my alley since I love messing with peoples' arms. I like his demeanor too-- straightforward, casual, a little brash.


dokomoy said...

I've been meaning to ask you this forever and this posts a good a place as any to ask so how in the world do you train 2/3 times a day 5 days a week AND have a real job? I'm a college student with no real responsibilities and 2 a days beat the crap out of me.

Georgette said...

Hey there!

It's a reasonable question. My academy is part of the reason and my flexible office is another part. At Relson Gracie Austin, we have classes 7 days a week, so I train 7 days a week. Especially in weight-cutting mode, I train at least twice a day 5 days a week and then on weekends just once a day.

My schedule for training looks like this:
M-F, 6:15-8:30am BJJ
M, F 12-2 open mat
T W Th 12-1 crossfit
(sometimes I do crossfit M-F 12-1 and then open mat from 1-2 on M and F)
M-F 5-8pm BJJ, except Tues is competition class, 6-9:30pm.
Sat 12-3 BJJ
Sun 9:30-12:30 BJJ

My office is very flexible as I mentioned. I make up for missing lunch hours by coming in late and working on weekends. Generally, as an attorney, it's less about working exactly/only 40 hours a week and more about working until the work is done, so I keep track of things less than if I were an hourly employee.

Now the other part of the equation is physically how do I do 3 a days, 7 days a week training, and the like. For this, I have no satisfying answer. I am 38 years old. When I train, I train pretty hard. I am lucky so far in that I haven't really had debilitating injuries. I don't eat super healthily though I also don't eat fast food, drink a lot of alcohol, smoke or otherwise abuse my body. I spend some time in an infrared sauna at my other gym and I try to lift weights, do cardio, pliometrics and anything else I can make time for on the side. I suppose some people are gifted with uncanny learning skills or physicality and athleticism. Since I am not, I suspect God decided to give me "crazy recuperation powers." I'd rather learn quickly and be ungodly athletic but I didn't get a choice ;)

Shark Girl said...

Girlfriend, I was in Port Canaveral on President's Day! Of course, I was with a saucy 8-year-old, not hip, rockin' friends . . . Glad you all had a great time.