Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Houston Open 2011 footage

 From left to right: Vidush, Rebecca, Donald, Shama, me, and Courtney.

Here's me in quarterfinals of the absolute v. Tara Talanco of Rodrigo Pinheiro (Gracie Humaita) in San Antonio. Takedown war.

Semifinals: Me and Kat Harrison of Claunch Academy (Austin). Spiderish war.

And finals, me and Hana Fisher of Marcelo Garcia (5 years in New York and recently moved to Memphis.) There was no war, there was only beatdown :)

Critique welcomed!

And update: some photos....  Here's the absolute medalists.  Left to right, Kat Harrison, Danielle Alvarez, Hana Fisher, and me.

Me trying to sasae Tara in first match...

And me trying to pass Kat's guard, second match... eventually succeeded, for a while.


JCC-CSV said...

I like the way Tara dances at the beginning. I rewound it like 5 times.

Mark said...

As Marcelo says, "Hand fight! Always handfight!"

The Part Time Grappler said...

Very nice work gorgeous!

I liked your persistence in the first fight. You'd benefit from gripping lower with your left hand (just above the elbow). Once you are there, you can combine your body and foot work during kuzushi (balance breaks) with a lift of your left hand. That would've helped set you up better. Ignore the actual throw and look at how high the arm is raised in the 4th and 5th picture: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_u3LY93nmtaI/TU1jVbEM--I/AAAAAAAAANY/0WRvfXWmh5A/s1600/ippon-seoi-nage.jpg

Second fight: Excellent! Couldn't praise your stand-up strategy more. the way you used your straight spine and looking to the ceiling was great posture and you neutralised her right foot on your hip many times and used your left knee to push the back of her knee! Very good work Georgette. I would have fought more to get rid of her grip on the left sleeve and then used the left hand to dominate her right pant leg.

Here's a tip when in someone's guard: try to avoid looking at them. it's not like you don't know where they are :o) Instead look up the whole time

The pass was so beautiful! You're crossface from 1/2Guard top could be a little more...intimate :o)

3rd: I think Hana was waiting for you to pull guard. Her stand-up indicated that. Also, the side control she was using was aimed at keeping you down for the count. The americana was a bonus. She looked very stable on top.

Such an impressive performance!! Well done.

Georgette said...

I love how Liam makes me sound so good, so intentional in my movements :)

I couldn't freakin' breathe under Hana. I was happy she found my arm to be honest. She's super solid!

SavageKitsune said...

First one: I love the way you push back your hair, march in and GRAB her at the restart at 4:36. ;) That was a really nice foot pick near the end, too. It's neat to see women working some standup instead of going right to the guardpull.

SavageKitsune said...

That last woman obviously had a lot of weight and muscle on you. I had to moan in sympathy when she FLUNG your ass to the ground- ouch!

Anonymous said...

Hana is HUGE! I would be a pancake if I got stuck under her. How did you breath?

Georgette said...

She's actually not that much heavier than me-- maybe 35-40 lbs. And I grapple dudes that size all the time. But I tell you, she made it FEEL like she was much, much more. Her technique was very solid-- there was no space between us. Like I mentioned before she felt like her molecules were starting to take up the space between my molecules. That's not a size thing-- more's the pity. I'd love to play the poor tiny victim role here but I must confess she was mad skilled with her side control.

Family Mat-ters said...

Congratulations on the fabulous matches. Thanks for sharing them.