Thursday, February 24, 2011

My personal Pans camp....

I am really looking forward to Pans and Mundials this year! The Houston Open was a great warmup.

Now, I am pushing hard to get in the best possible shape and present the best possible game. With that in mind, I have one, maybe two tournaments between now and Pans. I'm back to doing my crossfit-like class 5 days a week, plus morning and night jiu jitsu. Three a days plus really carefully crafting my diet is already showing some results on the scale, woowoo. :) Damn that Christmas feasting but I will be RID of it soon :)

Of course not having been in crossfit for about 8 months means that my first day back (this Tuesday) was somewhat rough. Nothing near as bad as yesterday, though, since I was starting to get sore. And then this morning, I did a two hour wrestling class, and discovered the true meaning of gluteus maximus. It means "your gluteus will shout at you at maximus volume." Many thanks to Kirk though, for ankle picks and Russians and all kinds of options. My quads and hamstrings were complaining because of the box jumps yesterday. My traps and lats aren't a whole lot happier either. Oh well, paying the price now. I just realize jiu jitsu is NOT enough to really keep me in optimal condition. I need the outside interval work, strength training and so on.

I'm also realizing that to be competitively successful, in my opinion, it's not enough to get 6 or so mathours a week. I'm getting about... well, much more than that right now and I still feel there simply isn't enough time for drilling and developing muscle memory on all the techniques I'm learning (all of which are equally important and necessary, from my perspective). And that isn't enough for optimal conditioning and cardio/strength/flexibility, which an additional 5 hours a week is just scratching the surface on. Good thing my office is flexible with the hours I keep.

Work! Work! Work! Pans is only 5 weeks away!

And for eyecandy... check the yoko tomoe nage by Megaton at about :13....

AND--- watch this kid wrestle! he has it ALL! so envious!


Dolph said...

Like you, I've also structured my personal Pan Am camp that includes (a) a structured schedule (with about 15 hours of mat and cardio time weekly); (b) an intentional plan about what to work each day. Also like you, I'm lucky to have a flexible work schedule.

A.D. McClish said...

You make me want to jump on the panam bus!! But, alas, I can't! lol Good luck with all your training. :) BTW, your gluteous maximus comment actually made me bark a laugh, which scared my husband who is still sleeping at 11 am. LOL

Lex said...

I think that you're absolutely right about putting mat time in. I train every day, and the key hasn't been just the mat time but the focus and intensity of that time.

When I'm drilling I try not to joke around or talk at all, and constantly turning up the pace while still keeping everything crisp.

Good luck at Pan Ams. Keep training hard!

Kirsch: said...

My goodness, I'm not sure whether I'm competing, but I'm glad you're not in my division.

Ok, I'm going our for a run...apparently it's time for me to get in shape!