Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting ready for Houston.

Lately I have been better at focusing on the "fringe" of my jiu jitsu vocabulary (aka the stuff I don't quite know yet, but is very close to being known.) I'm doing a lot of asking someone a question.. then trying their answer out "in the field," noting where I get stuck with the execution, and asking them for clarification again later. Dan, little Phil, Anthony, Vidush and Donald are all a big part of this process for me. I've made tiny improvements to my guard retention, spider guard sweeps, armbar finishes, passing and flower sweeps in the last week or so that outstrip a month's worth of classes in sheer terms of progress for my individual needs and game.

With work being at a very intense pace, I am training less which just kills me. But it's making me train smarter-- if I can't make it in for more than one class a day (and often not even the whole 3 hour class) then I try to make every single repetition technically perfect, and I think about the rep the whole way through instead of spacing out while my partner does it or while I'm setting up my own try.

The Houston International Open is in two weeks. I think I'm going to enter a weightclass up since I did well here last year. I'll work the tournament both days as scorer so I make some cash. Kinda takes a little pressure off too, as I've commented before-- I have less time to stress and think, and I feel more comfortable in the environment, I know how things go, plus I'm not thinking about wasting all that money if I don't do well.


bjjJunkie said...

you will do great as always!

A.D. McClish said...

Good luck!!

Jonna said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do well. I do that, too, help out in the tourney to get really comfortable with the environment. We don't get paid though, but I love doing it still :)

Keep us updated!