Saturday, February 05, 2011

Weekend report.

Friday was an adventure, trying to get to work on treacherously icy streets only to find out it was cancelled (haha, I was there anyways, so I stayed long enough to get a little done before heading to open mats 1 and 2...)

At noon open mat, I had some great drilling and rolling with two new whitebelts who are already favorite training partners of mine.  One's only been here two months, she's already competing, and she has a great aptitude and attitude.  The other used to train at Leo Xavier's in Houston and his whitebelt is misleading.  I did get a fun new-for-me reversal out of bottom cross side, but I couldn't get out of his cross side.  Grr.

At dinner open mat, I rolled with a new import, a 3 str blue from ATT, and he'll also be a good training partner for me because of his size, his mellow intensity, and his friendly personality.  He gave me some great constructive criticism about a new armbar setup I've been working too.  Then I rolled with Richard, a 4 str brown who tools me when necessary and lets me work the rest of the time... I got Vidush's DLR-to-the-back thing which shocked me all to heck so I was grateful to Richard for letting me play with it.

Today I took a 30 min private with Donald. Better mount escape, better cross collar defense, better halfguard pass... sigh... Then the ladies' team of Relson Gracie posed for a portrait to be used in the fliers for the upcoming Girls in Gis meeting (in San Antonio, Sunday Feb 27th, 12-3) and then Phil taught a whole class on passing the half guard, which was great.  Unfortunately during open mat I tweaked my ankle again.  This may pose a problem for next weekend but we'll see.

Had a late lunch with a dear friend in town from NYC... always good to reconnect.  Somehow all my friends are badasses and tops in their respective fields.  Makes me feel very humble.

Tonight I need a nap desperately, then off to watch UFC at Zack's.

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