Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turquoise Timberly-- NAGA Champion!!

Meet Timberly from Auburn AL... she trains at Auburn MMA under Randall Phillips, a brownbelt under Andre Pedemeiras... she dyed her gi turquoise after reading about it here. Congrats on your orange belt!

Timberly's brother trains wrestling and MMA there as well.  Her mom Tawnda is a total trooper, bringing Timberly to NAGA tournaments in Georgia.  At the moment some life issues are keeping Tawnda out of training but it's a marathon, not a sprint!  Good luck to all three of you!  :)

And updates: Timberly won her division in gi, Teen Expert, at NAGA last weekend!

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SavageKitsune said...

Wow, turquoise gi turned out incredible.