Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am wearing a wrist brace as I type. And an ankle brace.

The wrist happened last night. The ankle happened before Christmas.

If you're one of the gals I'm fighting this weekend, so be it. Now you know-- the secret's out.

I'm just frustrated. The ankle is 99.99% fine, 99.9999% of the time. The other .0001% of the time, it sucks. It hasn't stopped me from training HARD so I'm not concerned, it's kind of a random thing, no biggie.

The wrist was likewise random... not a submission, not posting on it, not busted with a hipswitch. Just a pop, and a little fizz.. and no "what a relief it is." It's sore, so I'm babying it. It hasn't stopped me from getting grips or framing or whatnot, so I should be okay-- but it's damn Murphy and his law again.

FYI-- cool new site (to me) out there, thanks to A Skirt on the Mat for pointing it out.. it's called Lapel Choke.


Deborah Clem said...


I am rooting for you chiquita! Fight like a tiger.


SL Chan said...


Good luck!!!!!! Hope things get better.

Georgette said...

Hooray me... the wrist is doing great! Rolled pretty hard this morning against a 160ish guy and it was fine... likewise in class tonight against a 130 lb purple belt, even with gripfighting etc it was all right. I am still in the brace but out of caution.

Afrorican said...

Good luck and glad to hear the wrist is holding up. I think you passed it to me because I smashed mine pretty hard last nigt! (LOL) I'll gladly take it though because you are about to compete and kick some ass and I'll be at home waiting to hear all about it!

Jiujitsunista said...

Booo! Hope you feel 100% before your competition!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!