Thursday, November 11, 2010

Floating hips.

Butterfly sweeps are kind of fun to try to counter, because you try (I try) to do this flippy-hippy thing, to float over them and try to dodge my hips over, around, between their hooks.  Preposition hips, one might say.

I feel better today, despite having gotten another night of crappy, disturbed, unrestful sleep. I keep trying to align my heart with my head and mostly it's successful.  The issues, ideas, facts etc that have been disturbing my wa (Japanese term for harmony) are poking up at me in a lot of different ways, kind of like how hooks follow your legs in butterfly.  (Yeah, yeah, you didn't think the two paragraphs were connected, didja..)  So, I'm trying to do emotional jiu jitsu to counter all this CRAP that I allow to make me unhappy.  I'm trying to adjust my approach, my expectations, my metaphysical base to beat those hooks.

Good classes... morning, worked some nice guard passes with my buddy Jack who showed me a Rickson guard break.  Lunch, learned a new variation on the bow and arrow choke which blackbelt Phil called the compound bow, and rolled in a round robin that I felt really good about.  Only bluebelt Phil tapped me too, so that was awesome.  Then night, worked on a scissor halfguard pass, beating Donald's halfguard pass, the Relson sweep series, and sit up guard.  Had a great roll with Anthony, too.

So, I'm hanging in.  Thanks to all of you peeps with your friendly support.. it means a lot to me.


DagneyTaggert said...

I recommend a large doses of chocolate STAT. Kill if you must.....;)

Sending good thoughts your way chiquita!

Megan said...

Keep it up girl. Focus on the sunrise, not the night.

A.D. McClish said...

I'm right there with you. Fighting the bad mojo this week. But I like what you said about not allowing those things to make you mad. I believe that happiness is a choice. Not an easy choice. But, dangit, I am going to be happy even if it freaking kills me!