Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I cried two kinds of tears tonight.

Hot, angry, resentful... squeezed out between panting breaths and a completely useless attempt at mount...

Cold, sad, full of self-pity... rolling down my cheeks as I walked under a lonely moon in the dark.

I wish I was a better person. I have so many regrets.

p.s. Sorry for the maudlin excess this evening... you are, in some ways, my diary, so at times you just need to bear with the non-Celso Vinicius, the non-Donald-is-amazing, the non-recipe crap.


SavageKitsune said...

I'm having One Of Those today too. Feeling too guilty to wish a better day tomorrow for myself, but I'll wish one for YOU. Maybe you can wish one for me?

Hang in there.

The Part Time Grappler said...

tears are good. regrets are bad.

thank you for the privilidge of sharing.

SkinnyD said...

Sorry you had a tough day, good thing you have a virtual support group right here :) We all have regrets. And it's OK, because we all make mistakes. Still, guilt and regret is one crappy feeling. The only good thing about it is it helps us make better decisions in the future.

Zen Mojo said...

...do not cry over past regrets - learn from them and try to have fewer and fewer as life goes on.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~ George Eliot

The cold/sad nights make us treasure the warm/joyous days even more.

And if the above sounds too much like empty platitudes to you; let me say I may not know you well, but from what I do know, I think you are marvelous and consider it an honor that you are a friend :-).

Georgette said...

Thank you all. Right back atcha... I'm honored to know you and call you friends. Kitsune, I'm there :)