Friday, November 05, 2010

On fire!

One of our purple belts said some very nice things to me after lunch class yesterday. He's been pushing me to be more aggressive, which is good, and I'm definitely giving it my best effort. Then during night time open mat, I happily brought it to two bluebelt friends of mine who are male, bigger, heavier, and stronger than me. It's not like I didn't get passed, swept or submitted (I did) but I did feel like I held my own and then some. I passed some guards really well-- I did some sweeping-- took some backs-- barred some arms. :) It was really, really good and I was on cloud nine for a few hours afterwards.

Such a relief
that for all the times I feel like I'm falling behind, not getting it, not executing, without a plan, flailing and the like... there are glimmers of light through the clouds. Intermittent reinforcement leads to learning that is more resistant to extinction (forgetting.) Well, my successes are intermittent enough to give me hope :)

Here's the 2009 World Pro BJJ Cup Under 75kg Final: Marcelo Garcia vs. Michael Langhi....


The Part Time Grappler said...

Bring it on, like Donkey Kong!

Every time you do something is one time more...and it builds up.

A milestone

DagneyTaggert said...

I am so happy you had a great class! You sound exuberant. Training sometimes moves at the speed of running a marathon with a 100 pound sack tied to each foot, and the few times it moves like a 400 yard dash are simply riveting.

Zen Mojo said...

Yea you!

I love those days. When I feel like things are working it lets me disengage my ego and flow better - which usually makes more things work well (cool virtuous cycle). I also wind up trying more/new things - yeah, I might lose position or even get subbed but it doesn't matter because everything else is so good so I learn more (virtuous cycle continues).

Keep "bringin' it"

Megan said...


alex said...

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