Friday, November 12, 2010

Why blogging is hard...

A while back Dev said he was done blogging. I felt for him, sometimes after you write a really good post (hypothetically I mean) then later you're like, whoa, how can I measure up?

I mean, sometimes I think I don't really write ANY outstanding posts, but one or two will touch a nerve or explore some common ground and people will tell me "yeah! exactly!" So that's pretty much as close as I get to a good one. At least I feel like I have accomplished my goal, which is to connect with someone out there and feel a little less alone on the only path of jiu jitsu and life (mine apparently) that doesn't seem to be bursting with success and rainbow sparkles

and chocolate all the time.

I realized part of why I might be feeling so blue lately is that I stopped my daily read of The God Of Cake. So I went back to reread it, and sure as shizzle, I laughed aloud, and had to recite along with the little girl

with my little girl cakevoice... "Cake. Caaake. Cake cake cake." ad nauseum until the guy whose office is next to mine walked by my open door and asked if I had a cold.
Apparently my little girl cakevoice sounds like coughing or a hairball or something.. Anyways...

So the blogger who wrote The God of Cake wrote about the difficulties of blogging. And I felt a kinship with her. Except, alas, I have NO RUM IN MY OFFICE. And no drawing skills.

So I'll go to lunch open mat and get choked a bit. After all I didn't get choked enough this morning.



Meerkatsu said...

One also feels incredibly small when you read just how many hundreds of comments god of Cake gets.

leslie said...

Sometimes I think I wrote something brilliant or witty or or deep whatever, and usually then no one says anything about it at all. Which is annoying. But then I remember why I'm blogging -- so that I don't forget what happens along the way. I can't even keep a grocery list in my head; no way I'm gonna remember class notes for months. So, I guess it's a matter of why are you writing what you're writing...

Anonymous said...

Georgette & co.
I think it is amazing you guys keep blogging so religously. I personally would have hit Dev's wall very early on (if I blogged that is...avid lurker only). That said, I am really glad you keep going because It makes my journey in BJJ feel less lonely and not as isolating when I feel down. You guys experience similar stuff as me so it makes me feel normal I suppose. Hence my feelings of inadequacy are squashed and I saddle up for another class. Don't underestimate the power or reach of your blogs.
So I guess what I mean to say is thanks.
PS - never read god of cake but I read these blogs all the time.

Ray (Blue belt from Australia)

Zen Mojo said...

I know I am always amazed that anybody reads anything I write. I have no illusions about being witty, clever, deep, or brilliant compared to Georgette and some of the rest of this "community of shared insanity."

It is cathartic to share observations and thoughts with people experiencing a similar journey in a part of their lives.

I find it difficult to be as prolific as I would like. I have "notes" for about 20 or 30 posts that will probably never see the light of day due to time. I had to stop myself the other day from prematurely ending a conversation with a friend because I wanted to get a post up (is this some kind of addiction?)

Meerkatsu - I take comfort in the thought that we (the few, the proud) are blogging about jiu jitsu, a very small percentage of the population. If you were to let loose your powers of review on the "cake world" servers would die under the load of comments ;-).

Dev said...

You can't use a blog titled God of Cake to compare to your own. It's just not fair.

You can't expect to be witty and profound all the time. Like Leslie said, think about why you're writing this. If you can't answer that (and I couldn't at the time I decided to take a break), then maybe it IS time for a break. And like you told me, take as long as you need. :)

That said, don't pressure yourself into trying to be profound with every post. Your blog is awesome because it is real. It's not trying to be anything except you. So keep it that way.

Tap or Die said...

I never thought I would write my own blog, but now it's just something I do, I feel weird if I don't write something.