Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Half guard sweeps plus dessert.

Check out this half guard sweep by Oli Geddes. Oli is a brown belt under Roger with a lot of competition success under his belt. It's a pretty standard sweep, I believe we call it the Old School, but I notice I'm not lifting their heel the way he does, so I'm going to try it today at lunch with that tidbit. By the way-- what do you think of the filming style? I dig it....

Slightly different entry than what I'm used to using, but I learned this alternative from my purple belt "wing" Scott Reis. It's good when they are accustomed to the Old School and drive into you to counter it... you just dive under and go with it. (See, flow!) And sorry-- while I love Hillary, I'm not a big Joanne fan. But I didn't feel like jacking around on youtube hunting for a non-Joanne version of this one.

And for dessert, here's a popover choke by Hillary. Hillary taught this move in a seminar in Dallas to our Girls in Gis group, but she didn't add the scissor sweep fake to our setup. I'm glad I saw this and not just because Joanne's the one getting choked. *simpering giggle*

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Megan said...

Gotta try the one by Oli. Thanks!