Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NoGi Worlds....

My purple belt teammate Shama Ko leaves tomorrow to compete in the 2010 Worlds Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championships. Her matches are on Sunday but it starts Saturday and it will be amazing. You can look through the brackets here.

In the black belt lightweight division JT Torres and Lucas Lepri will certainly meet again. Torres submitted Lepri at 2010 Brazilian Nationals, while Lepri beat JT in finals at both the 2009 Pan No-Gi and 2009 World No-Gi. This past 2010 Pan No-Gi, the two champs won separate weight classes (JT in light; Lepri in middle).

Here's their match at the Brazilian Nationals this year:

And for grins, here's Lepri v. Mike Fowler, JT's teammate, at (I believe) the NY BJJ Open...

Keep an eye out for Leticia Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita) and Sofia Amarante (the Avengers) who are in the same division. Here they are in last year's NoGi Worlds finals:

And Leticia Ribeiro v. Michelle Nicolini, last year's Worlds (in gi):

Ana Claudia Dantas v. Michelle Tavares, Brazil ADCC trials last year:

Budovideos will be broadcasting live, so pony up the $10 and watch it.

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