Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving is close...

Tonight after competition class I have to raid the grocery store. I'm going to be cooking all day tomorrow. Have about 10 people coming over for dinner on Thursday, and even though it's potluck-style, I will still be cooking a majority of the food (which is fine by me.)

I'm making turkey, gravy, stuffing with sausage, apples and pecans... brown sugar-glazed roasted sweet potatoes, cranberry-jalapeno relish, traditional green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes. Other people are bringing a broccoli cheese casserole, bread, desserts, and wine. Should be good times. Oh, and tomorrow I have a treat-- one of my training partners is coming over for kind of a cooking lesson, kind of to have me make desserts for his contribution to his fam's dinner. LOL-- I love to cook, so it's no biggie, but it does kind of make me chuckle. It's pressure, too, and I really hope my pumpkin cheesecake doesn't crack.

Here's a little treat courtesy of Francisco over at DstryrSG... highlights of Shaolin Ribeiro v. Leo Vieira..

And if you like techno-house or electronic music... dude, this guy's dancing cracks me UP. It's fun stuff :)



DagneyTaggert said...

Whoa. I was having a Napoleon Dynamite flashback.

A.D. McClish said...

That guy is totally feeling it. lol. Also, he seems to be missing the bones in his elbows. ;) Happy Thanksgiving and have fun feeding all your friends!

cy said...

Fantastic, that guy is amazing!


Josh Artigue said...


One of the best MMA fighters ever is also a great entertainer.