Friday, November 12, 2010

Loop choke from half guard.

Another good solid basic from Oli Geddes and Black Eagle...

And a tai otoshi :)

And for my report of the moment...

I feel like I am slogging through quicksand. Did morning training with mixed results. Rolled exclusively with bluebelt Phil and my read of the rolls was very different from his. I felt like I was completely dominated, although I was rather happy with most of my attempts at passing. I also almost nailed a cross collar choke while he was passing my guard, but I let up when I felt him lift his head because I thought he was going for the armbar (but it was because the choke was so tight he was freaking out, he says.) I got tired pretty quickly, perhaps due to 4th night in a row of crappy notsleeping, perhaps due to 3 days straight of 3-a-days. He said I was doing really well, but I personally think he's just trying to be encouraging and kind. Oh well, either way, it was still fun, and it was MORE fun when I thought about it later, especially the choke.

Emotionally I'm no better than I was before and maybe a little worse. But I am going to keep my chin up, dammit.

Here's a funny:

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