Monday, September 30, 2013

Personal stuff, and Relson's first female blackbelt.

Sorry for the long absence.  I haven't trained in about two months, though I'm leaving in three minutes to hit lunch class.

I got pregnant, surprise! the old fashioned way... and lost it promptly, as expected, as my immune system is still crazy haywire.  So my husband and I are looking for a gestational carrier for the last two embryos we have on ice... basically there's only one more drug we could add to the cocktail, which has no guarantee of helping, is experimental, uncovered by insurance, and would cost an additional $24k.  So it seems logical to try letting a healthy uterus get a crack at it instead.  So, if you have always wanted to be a carrier, don't hesitate to get in touch, please.

Spent some time on the west coast with a dear friend undergoing chemo and radiation treatments.  That was stressful.

And then my mother in law and my husband's favorite uncle both passed away within about a week of each other.  So we spent some time with his dad and aunt (my husband is still there in fact) and plan on several return trips over the next three months.

Plus I am crazy busy at work getting ready for a hearing in three weeks.

I'm feeling tired all the time, zero motivation to train, zero motivation to do anything really besides read.  So I recognize I'm depressed and I'm trying to take care of myself, push myself to get back on the mats (I know it will make me feel better just to get moving.)  I'm trying to eat healthily and get good sleep, and I've spent good time with friends lately which is always restorative.

Last, wanted to direct you to a nice interview from BJJ Eastern Europe with Christy Thomas, Relson Gracie's first female blackbelt.  Read it here.


Monday, September 23, 2013

John Ouano Seminar details-- Spring TX Sat. Sept 28th!

Here's the promised details about a great opportunity for kids as well as adults-- how many seminars are offered specifically for young people?  Not many!  But grappling kids in Texas are lucky-- 3rd degree blackbelt John Ouano (owner, Ouano Gis and cofounder of famous New Breed Academy, former training home of world champion Val Worthington) is coming to the Houston area this weekend to teach kids and adults.

It's going to be a lot of fun, and to top it off, John is throwing in a brand new Hooligan Gi, to be raffled off the day of the seminar. $15 gets you a chance to win a $180 gi! 
From Tim Credeur: "Other than my direct instructor Rodrigo Medeiros, John Ouano taught me more about Jiu-Jitsu than anyone else. He was instrumental in helping develop my Jiu-Jitsu game, my belief in myself and my resolve to be a champion. He is one of my idols! Great Instructor but even greater person!"
And I have to concur.  John has always been incredibly warm and welcoming to me and my husband when we visit southern Cal, inviting us into his academy and being a true friend both on and off the mats. 
You'll notice the seminar is sponsored by Kids in Kimonos.   Eddie Avelar and John Abney started a kids-only jiu jitsu meeting on the last Sunday of the month, like Girls in Gis but just for kids. Boys, girls, doesn't mater, it's any kid between ages 6-15 from any school affiliation.  More info on the group here: 

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ouano seminar in Houston September 28th!

John Ouano, blackbelt under BJJ Revolution, founder of Ouano Gis and cofounder of New Breed Academy in California, is coming to Houston to teach seminars, one for kids and one for grownups, at Ground Dwellers on September 28th!

Stay tuned for more details here! :)