Patches available

I don't know where the patches went! I've moved a few times, you see... but if you want one, let me know at georgettejitsu@ and I will start the hunt.  

$9... about 6" square.

Available in a large (back size for men) or medium (leg size for men, leg or back size for women- about 11" square.  Bottom picture is a medium with a ponytail elastic for size- not included, lol). 

Paypal me $10 for the medium, $16 for the large, and I'll mail it out to you promptly.

$9 unless you're local, then it's $8 and meet me somewhere convenient for the handoff.  It's about 5"x7".

$6.  Will not run or bleed-- but guaranteed to stand there and argue that it's done nothing wrong and is the real victim.  Printed area is about 5" square.

For those who ask, why wear their names on my gi/shorts/etc.... my answer is this-- I think there's nothing wrong with shaming wrongdoers in a very public way.  That's my intent.  If that makes you feel uncomfortable or if you think people might not "get it" then I offer it as a conversation starter to help educate the public.

Prices include shipping, please paypal me at georgetteoden(at) and I'll use the shipping address you have there, unless you tell me otherwise.