Where I Train....

I train with Sean Cooper, a Cleber Luciano black belt in Austin. So fortunately for me I'm still in the Rickson and Royler lineage of BJJ.

I got my purple belt in 2014 from fifth-degree blackbelt Paulo "Coelho" Brandao and black belt Donald Park, both with Royler Gracie, at Gracie Humaita Austin. I also used to train with Griff Sombke/Gracie Barra in Edmonds, Washington, and Allen Mohler in Dallas. 

I started my jiu jitsu training in another art, Kajukenbo, under Master Robert Reed, in 2008. But most of my whitebelt and bluebelt years were with Phil Cardella under Relson Gracie, before he moved to Florida. Got my blue belt from Relson himself in January 2009.

I highly recommend them all.