Monday, November 30, 2009

Edson Carvalho- judo/BJJ

Wow... thanks to one of my instructors, Donald Park, for turning me on to this..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Replace your gi pants string!

Gawd I can be dense. Thank goodness for Chris in Australia... skimmed through her blog tonight and I think she's got it right-- replace the durn "self fabric" tie with cord!

Check out her instructions and illustration here.

Thanks Chris!

The process of learning BJJ.

I'm writing an article for another publication (which I will link to here, eventually) on the process of learning BJJ. So, of course, that's been on my mind while I have attended class and rolled the last few days.

I really wish more people would roll with me like Clayton and Mark did today. I have the memory span of a goldfish; every eight seconds it's all new to me. Leslie often astonishes me with her detailed accounts of every roll during a class, often posted hours later, on her blog BJJ Grrl-- whereas I apparently can't follow the twists and turns of an individual match long enough to store them in RAM or whatever. As a result, it's hard for me to learn efficiently from the rolls I get... I remember at best a couple highlights, which quickly fade by comparison of the next roll's adrenaline.

Clayton is always a pleasure because he'll do a fair amount of rolling, but when I make a stupid mistake or get stuck, he'll stop and commentate, walk me through the proper response, suggest a workaround solution, etc. Mark, my buddy from Faixa Preta MMA, a Marcelo affiliate up near Dallas, came down this weekend and turns out he does things similarly. Mark's a well-cooked 4 stripe blue, IMHO, and he had a lot of very helpful comments to make while rolling. What helped me the most, I think, were the "cheers"-- the little "yeah" "good" "just right" kinds of things-- that gave me the immediate feedback... the hints I was on the right track.

People give me googly eyes when I say I train seven days a week, but I don't think it's all quality training time. I think if I was able to train with people who gave feedback like Clayton's and Mark's, I'd be able to narrow down my focus and improve faster.

Global Training Report

Wow. Thanks Can and Tom D. for pointing me at the Global Training Report website. Brilliant analysis and insight there, courtesy of Roberto Pedreira.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and much to be grateful for....

This was my nineteenth Thanksgiving dinner as hostess :) I cooked two as a young person when my mom had to work that day, but really started doing this tradition in my own home as a junior in college. I've been doing Turkey Day for Strays ever since. It usually averages around 25 people in attendance and 2009 was spot on the money.

Early in the morning, Mitch checking out his saltwater reef tank, with one of the tables already set up.

This year things were ubercalm in the kitchen the morning of. Doing it as a potluck helps for sure. Here you can see the gravy simmering, the apple cider mulling, the bird waiting to be carved, and the spinach... waiting to be saladed?

Some flowers for the tables..

I'm lucky to share Thanksgiving with old friends. Elaine and Ajay have been coming to my Thanksgivings for a few years now, and their adorable daughter Yana is always a delight..

Jack, Lisa and Lawrence...

Marc and Kal...

Lawrence and Ajay..

Jack, Lisa, Bernardo and Kal..

Yummy cranberry-walnut bread and butter to whet the appetite..

Leah (and her dad Bill, not in the picture) has been coming to my parties since she was little-little. Now she's all grown up and gorgeous. Elaine, Lawrence and Ajay enjoying some conversation before dinner..

Bill, Leah, Jack, Lisa and Ajay..

Bernardo and Paul...

Marc, Mark, Richard, Ulises and Dan.. Mark is one of my new friends, well-met at a Marcelo Garcia seminar at Mark's school in the Dallas area... Dan's another new friend, acquainted through the internet and united in our affection for jits...

Bernardo's pomegranate-rum punch in the foreground, Mitch sneaking a pinch in the middle, and Leah peeking in the background..

About ready to eat and I was really hungry..

Set up a buffet line in the kitchen, with stuffing and gravy in the crockpots... my jits instructors killed some wild hogs and the resulting sausage, with jalapenos and cheese, made it into one of the versions of stuffing ... mmmm!

This 23-pound bird was done in record time..

Mitch did a lovely job carving the turkey-

Green bean casserole and chili'd sweet potatoes-

Mmm, buttermilk biscuits dipped in melted butter..

After I said a totally-screwed up blessing (rushed because I was hungry!) we started loading our plates. Bernardo, Kal and Ali in the buffet line..

Ulises, Kal, Dan, Mark, Paul, Jack, Lisa and Bernardo in the dining room..

Ali and her kids Braden and Parker, Richard, Mitch and Marc in the foyer...

And Lawrence, Bill, Leah, Yana, Elaine, Ajay and myself at the last table..

Ulises digs in..

Bill and Lawrence...

Lawrence and Kal after dinner..

Leah and Elaine..

The dessert spread was quite voluptuous. Everything from homemade pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, cheesecake on chocolate-chip-cookie crust, to cheese pie, key lime pie, apple pie, and flan-- even mangoes with chili.

Of course, weight cutting for NAGA is now actually a necessity-- but it started today, not Friday. :) Had to get in a visit to the churrascaria and two more slices of the key lime pie!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

For all you USA peeps-- happy Turkey Day!

(for you other peeps-- I'm grateful you're here and reading!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fabulous motivational video for your viewing pleasure.....

Thanks for the link, Hillary..

And on a totally different subject... this, courtesy of Joseph...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New blog by my buddy Andrew...

Check out Andrew's commentary here at

Beating the attributes...

OK, ok okokokok I'll stop reposting other peoples' blog wondrousness with this...

Liam's How to Beat the Attributes post struck a nerve for me. How many damn times ...

-- has my kimura sprung open?
-- has someone neck-flexed out of my ezequiel?
-- has my triangle turned into a bent line encompassing nothing?

Granted-- strength makes a difference. But you CAN make allowances for an opponent's greater strength by... perfecting your technique.

Happy thoughts on the way to class!

For those of us who suck at takedowns...

Wow, really enjoyed this post on Cane Prevost's blog The Gentle Art... artfully titled "Standup and Throws- You Suck at Takedowns!"

I liked it because he starts with the assumption that there ARE workarounds for people who suck at takedowns (aside from the usual exhortation to "get better at them! practice them!" which sometimes scares me and my currently-knock-on-wood-fine ACLs... and which the rest of the time I try to do anyways but lately fail at..)

And because it's been a while since I trained in defending against guard pulls, I was pleased to note that my instinctive (and learned, thanks to Randy R) habit of working the angles is the essential first step to defending against guard pullers..

More reading to do!

Sweet new BJJ shirts... and other stuff...

It's nice to see some creativity out there in the usually-sad-soggy-mess that is "stuff marketed to fighters."

Scramble Stuff (found here) carries some nice tshirts... BJJ instructional DVDs.. hard-to-find BJJ mags...

For example, Slideyfoot did a review of one of the DVDs available through Scramble Stuff, Yukinori Sasa's Paraestra Guard here on his well-known blog and although the DVD is in Japanese, I'm pretty sure I could get a lot out of this, so I'm putting it on Santa's list this year.

I already ordered this nifty tshirt:

which I really like because it commemorates another item on my Santa list (leftover from last year)-- a/k/a a sweep. Hmmm... it would be nice to get some sweeps under the tree. *sigh*

Monday, November 23, 2009

Couple things going on...

So, first, Bullshido published the investigative report on Larry Sanders, which I contributed to... and he's now invited to respond. You can see the report here. Cool!

Second, I'm off to Houston at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for work, to attend a brief hearing in court, but should be back in the office in the afternoon. I hope so, since I am working on a big brief and hope to have it off my desk before Thursday so that I can enjoy my Thanksgiving.

Ahh, turkey day... when some 25 or so friends will bring foodies and their friends to my house... where I finally was persuaded (thanks to my husband) to allow a pot luck Thanksgiving to take place (last year was the first!)... where I am only responsible for the turkey/gravy/stuffing... until at least I freak out that there won't be enough food, and so add on salad, biscuits, and even now I'm toying with making a side dish..

It's funny, everyone thinks of Thanksgiving dinner always including cranberry sauce, yet for years I've been dutifully making it and just as methodically tossing it down the drain in a couple weeks. It's not my recipe's fault either.. I've tried the standard back-of-bag version... the fancy versions (with orange, with pineapple, with ginger, with pears, with currants...) the unusual (the curried, the maple syrup one, etc.) and even canned (berried, and the sliceable jelly one). No one ever really eats cranberry sauce! Maybe this is because I always brine my turkeys and they're uniformly juicy as heck... who knows. Anyway no one volunteered to do cranberry sauce so this year might be the first without it.

I am damn frustrated with how little I'm training lately. It sucks; my body is totally accustomed to 2-3 times a day and at least 9-10 times a week... I'm getting FAT. *grumble grumble* I can't wait to get this work deadline off my back and get back in the academy morning and night. If I am serious about even considering competing in December, it would be nice to be comfortably under the weight limit. However, damn Thanksgiving and damn Christmas party season.... grrrrrr!

I tweaked my back in class Sunday... we were first working on Daniel's attacks from side, a selection of variations on chokes and cranks from the inverted arm triangle position. Then I think during open mat, I was grappling with a friend who is virtually the same size as I am (except whoa, right now, I might be a pound or two heavier, sigh) and I tried to reverse him from bottom side. I bridged hard into him and then tried to capitalize on the shift in his balance and roll him the other way-- but now my longisimmus thoracis is feeling both tight and stretched out, if that makes sense. Oh well. Be sitting on a plane tomorrow morning, RESTING IT instead of being in class.

Quick peep to remember a series...

Knee on belly (solid hip connection the whole way) to baseball bat choke (wedge elbow inside thigh) to popover choke to armbar...

Chew on that a while!

Awesome sambo takedown...

Check out the nifty takedown by red around :50.... well, her footsweep at :10 ain't bad either...

Thanks to for finding this...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New plans...

Well, people, I love you. :) All the love and support you show me-- such a blessing! Seriously now, I'm just so flattered and impressed with all the effort and creativity you're sending my way.

Mark's Kipling blurb is so effing amazing I realized right away I have to turn it into its own patch and/or t-shirt... then I started thinking ... realized I'm not sure how to make it work on a practical level, but I'm going to start a business called JitsChix (since that's my name on Bullshido) and make patches, t shirts, etc for ladies (and yes, guys too) in BJJ.

Also love some of the ideas you've been posting both here and on facebook... See Red Then Black... Fully Resisting Female... I Have PMS (pass, mount, submit)... there's more for sure. Thank you and keep 'em coming!

With work deadlines looming I'm mostly only training once a day... ocassionally twice if I'm lucky. Morning classes are the easiest for me to make. Today, worked on papercutter chokes from guard, and then did round robins within our weight class (170 and under). I noticed I was able to scissor and/or push sweep all the newbs in the group but as always it doesn't fly too well even with a 4 stripe blue. Oh well. Worked some double legs with a new girl too, on coach's orders.

Tonight I'm rooting for Tito!!! How about you?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Need help with slogan for patch!

M'kay folks... fabulous friends, fellow jits fighters, moms, lawyers, death penalty activists, and whoever else is reading this blog...

I would really like some help coming up with a slogan--for a patch, to go on my gi. Shamelessly copying the general concept from Dev (see his posting about his patch here) and want my own now.

Here's Dev's, "Fueled by Fear".... yes, I have a few of his.. nothing like repping for a friend..

So here's some material to work with, but please don't be limited by this..

My academy nickname is Red Menace, which has been translated for me as Ameacinha Vermelha in Br. Portuguese.
I train under Phil Cardella, at Relson Gracie Austin. But prefer not to be solely repping for the school and I have plenty of their patches elsewhere.
I'm a lawyer, a prosecutor specifically.
I bake cookies all the time for the academy.
I can't triangle for $hit.
I wear all those crazy colored gis.
One of my great goals in life is to choke someone till they bleed at the ears. (mostly kidding)
I love the Gracie saying "Pass, mount, choke." Still working on the pass part.

And underneath my phrase whatever it is, I will have (like Dev's) my blog address.

I could stick with the Communist reference and just go with

Red Menace

but do it in a Cyrillic-esque font... that's kind of my default position, absent input from y'all...

Bring it, folks! Help a sister out.

Oh-- edited to add a phenomenal link from Roy Harris... an article about physical attributes in jiu jitsu. Thanks Liam, the Part Time Grappler-- findable at his blog here.

Review for

I reviewed a local martial arts school for -- the instructor has been under investigation for some of his claims to military service, having 53 black belts in 53 different martial arts, etc.

My review of the two classes I saw/took can be found here.


"My blue belt was defined by the word 'insist'. One of the most important things I learnt as a blue belt was that I had to always insist on positions, believe in them and execute them with a 'full heart'. If I'm going for a pass, keep pressuring until I've established it; if I'm going for a choke keep holding until my opponent taps. Never stop until the position has been conquered."

From Esther Tang's occasional blog Postura.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Been slacking lately...

Work has been killing me... today was the first day I've done crossfit in about two weeks. I feel like such a slacker; at most been training once a day and even 2 or 3 days without a class at all. Bad. However, I suppose to some extent some of you out there may have been right-- maybe I was pushing myself for too long and too hard.. so finally I gave in. I worked too much, so it's not like I was getting better or more rest, but at least I slowed up on the training and physical exertion.

But (after hitting snooze once at 5am, and suddenly waking up at 9am, fully rested for the first time in two weeks and dammit, skipping class again) I was back on track today. Crossfit, then nogi, then class tonight. And it's always fun... nogi, got to roll with a friend who's been out a while, who told me (yay) that my pressure has gotten much better (not that it saved me from being repeatedly guillotined and twice armbarred with great proficiency; I only toeheld him once.)

Then tonight in class, first we worked on bottom half guard, beating them when they try to control your hips by wrapping arms around them. I was paired up with a newish whitebelt who has previously irritated friends of mine with his knowitall ways; tonight was no exception. I love it when people don't stop in a positional drill but just continue on rolling as if their lives depended on it. Once one of us gets to the point of "success," I'll stop and expect to go back to the start position; he didn't quite get that, and was inordinately pleased with taking my back and choking my unresisting self to the point of sparkly stars and ocean sounds. I foolishly thought that ceasing to resist might communicate something. Next time, I tapped. And added to his notion of legend in his own time. Oh well, whatever. Though his attempt to triangle me, when neither of my arms were inside his legs, was kind of funny-- especially because I just unresistingly tucked my chin down hard, letting him gas his legs trying to choke out the top of my skull.

After class was over, I half listened to Donald's competition class (beating the standing open guard pass, usually of the torreando variety) and half listened to Phil's spontaneous lesson on fighting from the open guard- transitioning from open to scissor to the Relson's seven sweep series control position. I drilled our overhook guard series a bit, then chilled out and watched my buddy Amit school an overeager whitebelt. Then Amit got to school me. He's an absolute delight to roll with-- he's always mellow, methodical, focused. I tend to get a little loosey-goosey with him- experimental, you might say. But it was a good workout and I left feeling pleasantly fatigued.

One interesting tidbit-- I did finish a bit of investigative reporting for a well-known martial arts forum, Bullshido, and I'm happy with how it's come out so far. Just waiting on a few more pieces of the puzzle to fall into place and then I'll post links here so you can read it all.

My friend Triin, who trains in Dallas, has started a company making gis for women called Fenom. Lucky me, she sent me one (thanks to my patient husband who picked it up in Dallas while attending the salsa congress last weekend) and I got to try it out yesterday and today. Adding to the color collection, now I have a black gi too :) It's sharp, and I need to take pictures. It's not for official review yet, as it is a prototype model, but I will make some comments-- it's nice! Good fit, even pre-shrinking... nice fabric... quality embroidery.. so I'm looking forward to sharing more feedback soon.

I'll close with some fun videos... first, from Marcelinho, then a bunch of judo highlight reels...

Amazing interview with Ryan Hall...

It's up on Lockflow, and CageWarriors, and The Part Time Grappler, and lots of other places... now it's up here too!

Wish I were going to Virginia this year for the holidays; I'd make SURE to hit up Ryan for some privates.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Atama blue A1 gis, $50

Atama has a closeout sale on right now-- the Mundial #2, a gold weave gi, in blue, size A1 only... just $50...

Check them out here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sorry for the long lag in posting. I have been swamped at work, deadlines as far as the eye can see, and it seems like I am glued to my computer at all hours of the day and night. I'm not complaining, except that I have been skipping class pretty regularly now. Couple days last week I only trained once per day or even not at all!

Over the weekend, good friend Mark up at Faixa Preta in Rockwall TX took home the bronze at the No Gi Worlds... likewise, my ref and role model Hillary Williams, who was recently promoted to brown belt (after only training THREE YEARS!), brought home the gold in the advanced division, both her weight class and the absolute. Damn :) Also, a gang from our school competed at the Atama Open and brought home a bunch of silver bling. I didn't go-- boo. Might compete at NAGA next month, especially if my superfly tiedyed gi arrives in time, courtesy of my super sponsor Chris Lane and Happy Kimonos.

On Sunday I did train... had some nice flowy rolls especially with Chris, a relatively newish whitebelt who's big and strong and feels like a wrestler though he denies it. Feeling and comparing responses to movement between us made me curious to watch my previous comp matches.. and lo and behold, I have indeed improved since last year! Shocker! So perhaps I am more confident.

Also spent a bunch of time with friends-- pedicure, sushi, a cupcake on the lake, chatting on the computer.. good stuff.

Tomorrow, have the day off for Veterans Day and appropriately I will be writing about fraud against veterans. I'll post a link here when it appears on the internet.

EDIT: Here's the link: check out Bullshido's investigative report regarding local instructor Larry Sanders which I helped with :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Been trainin'...

... but can't remember much of anything. Oh, I can recall the techniques taught, but not too much specifically about the sparring. Two self-defense techniques this morning (edged-weapons defenses) and then double-leg to a reap... but then, the sparring? Bleh, it all melds together in my head. I'm still hunting armbars and sweeps. Not landing many of either but I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun regardless. Oh, and from knees, learned an interesting entry into a calf splicer that had absolutely zero effect on me but tapped out my partner pretty quickly. The joys of fat legs I guess.

Work is nutty busy; I have 3 deadlines in November alone and likely will have to extend two.

Tomorrow, looking forward to lunch with a girlfriend for her birthday... then the kids' kajukenbo class, dinner with hubby at Hut's (2 for 1 burger night.. mmmm) and then going to try out a class at a nearby wing chun school.

OH-- and this weekend, gotta watch the No Gi Worlds.. my buddy Mark from up near Dallas will be competing! So exciting.

Finally-- a peep at Marcelo Garcia (Mark's instructor) v. Shaolin Ribeiro in Abu Dhabi, 2003..

Monday, November 02, 2009

Kimura to monson...

Thanks to Mark, our visiting purple, for putting some thought into a question of mine... we'd talked about kimuras from side one morning, but I complained that people don't usually make the mistake of waving their arm in front of your face and instead reach high over your back.

His answer is to quickly (avoid being rolled) tuck the headside arm under their neck (from the far side to the near side) and go N/S, which levers shut the angle between your humerus and your ulna. If you put your head on the mat next to their near shoulder/clavicle (not leaving it on their sternum like I always did, grrr) you often can tap them from there-- if not, just gable grip and flex your biceps for the choke.

Nice. Thanks Mark!

New blog discovery

I should make this a regular feature, as I often find new blogs and don't bother to announce their addition to my "library." But in lieu of that, since I'm trying to make it on time to an appointment soon... check out Jiu Jitsu Sensei, a blog by a small female black belt in another variant of jiu jitsu. She has lots of insightful posts from a female perspective, a small fighter's perspective, an instructor's perspective... coolio.

Pet halloween...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Funny fb chat...

OK-- transcript of what I thought was a truly funny exchange between my friend and some girl. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

So my paper is going nowhere.

what paper

the paper.
you know. the one due this friday.

oh i havent even finished my interviews

heather. you're making me feel like a nerd.


No. don't be sorry. I'll just feel like I'm smarter.
I like that much better.

always an asshole huh??

I'm not being an asshole.
I've just been trying to figure out for the last week or so whether you had a sense of humor
I mean, look
You passed the first test. You're very pretty.
so then I started talking to you to see whether you had a good personality
you were smart talented etc
now I'm testing to see whether you have a sense of humor
but man
you're kinda failing me on that one!

It's all perfectly fine though. It's really not awkward at all. We're still cool.

hahahahhahahahahahahahhaaha sorry i was getting my dinner
omg well first
thank you about the pretty thing and the good personality
and i do have a sense of humor
esp in person
hard to read sense of humor
over facebook chat
esp when that humor is you saying youre inherently better than me
make sense?

you don't even talk to me during class

do you realize what you just asid

how am I going to get to hear this sense of humor!

talk to you DURING class

if you dont make the effort to talk to me

oh goodness

oh my god heather smith.
you are the weirdest girl I've met
it's ok


it's not akward at all

it's so not true

I promise
like on tuesday

but oh well

I'm going to talk to you like I always to you
so you dont have to feel weird about this conversation.
I'm not offended. i swear.

oh goodness im not asking whethert youre offended or not

(it's all a joke, by the way)

i got that



I'm really laughing very hard at this and showing all my friends this fb chat
We're having a great time!
Ok. ok


I promise I won't give you the silent treatment anymore.
I'm going to find out about this secret "sense of humor" i haven't seen before.
or actually, heard.
Don't run out on me after class and dont even THINK about saying you have something to do after class because I know you don't.

hahahhaaha actually i do, im becoming increasingly busy since it's the end of the semester
and i do have friends thank you

well I'm not going follow you or anything to other places, because I have things to do at 5pm
I can only see you from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
so if that doesn't work, then I guess we can't see each other.
and we'll always be facebook friends and not, you know, real friends.


that's the way it is, heather.
I'm not compromising

alright then haha

alright then what?

nothing much more to the alright then besides alright then

alright then yes or alright then no?
makkke up your mind. Women. I swear.

make up my mind about what?

about walking with me after class duh
well that's not it but I'm telling you that to give you some answer that isn't my real answer

ok you're confusing me--if we happen to be walking in the same direction
if not
we dont
what is the big deal

the big deal is that you've taken this class like twice and you're my best resource to ace this classsss
there. you wanted to know the extent that my evil goes?
you found it.

im sure that's the underlying motive

that's exactly it.
so yes can I study with you or no?
you should be happy I'm asking you instead of making you.
most guys wouldn't.

i don't believe you for one instance

most guys would have been your lappuppy and tricked you into studying with them
most guys wouldn't even dare ask you
I'm telling you straight up what my intention is
I wanna study with you
and that's it.

not true, i dont have lappuppies and two, if you just want to study with me
how do my looks come into it?
they shouldnt

your looks?
what about you looks?

yeah whyd you say im very pretty

because you are.
I'm not going to say what isn't true.
I'm a man.
I dont lie
you're pretty

if you just want to study with me that wouldnt have come up! hahaha oh god

no no
you're very pretty
but what about that?
for me to be interested like THAT in a girl
they have to have more than that
looks are great
but what's in your head?
what's in your heart?
what's in your personality?
are you smart? are you independent, etc etc.
that's more important.
so no. I'm not interested you in that way yet.
if you turn out to be what I'm looking for, great. I'll ask you out on a date

hahahhaha well im not looking to be courted

I'm not courting you

but thank you anyway
im just saying
dont get too attached


cause im very likeable

oh my god



rather than having a bad ego

you were saying that I was full of myself
and now you think I am going to fall head over heels over you.

no it just happens a lot

how the tables have turned.

so im warning you

just relax
I've been telling you over and over that I'm not going to marry you
did you not pay attention?

yes yes every girl remembers that a boy says they arent going to marry you

no no
this isn't like that
what is this a game or some sort?
you said you were going to be a wedding planner
so I said I wasn't going to marry you
it's just a joke

HAHAHA you my friend need to lighten up
yes i know

there's nothing to it

and im joking too

no you're not.
I know women
I know dating
and I know you put importance to everything I say
and testing me each step
I know your tricks
there's nothing you can do that will surprise me. believe me.

hahhahahahahhaa you're flattering me to think that im putting that much thought into something between us
cause im not
in fact
im kinda seeing this guy so im actually
not projecting
anything into what youre saying

look. I dont know what you're thinking
but I'm not looking to date you.
As I said


you're not what I'm looking for.

i dont know why you keep saying that

because you keep bringing it up

no im not

I can go back and like cite everything

im telling you whether you decide tehres more to me or whatever
im not looking for that

well obviously there isn't.
I'm obviously not looking for a girl that won't like me back
if you are seeing some dude
that means you won't like me
so why would I like you?
that way
that's it and that's all.

good then!!!

so let
so let's just forget all that bullshit
and tell me what the next essay is about

i dunno havent looked at it!

ok then
you're no good to me then

alright then, well im gonna get to my dinner then!

you should have said "no" on studying instead of wasting a lot of time just chatting about love and stuff like that and me I dont know what
I swear.
you're annoying

what the hell is your deal

I don't have a deal.
I don't know why you're so angry

wow youre really funny
cause im perfectly fine
yet you just called me annoying

because you are
but that doesn't mean I'm angry
it just means you're annoying

so let me cut it short for you, ive got to go


it's cool


go and do your thing
It's so hard to ask girls to study nowadays.
stupid 21st century

My Halloween Weekend, by Georgette....

What a great weekend! Two good friends that are let loose, away from observing eyes, on Halloween weekend-- you can just imagine.

I enjoyed every minute-- from being chilly outdoors, enjoying all the smells of cool night air in the Hill Country, watching the cute kids all dressed up; long conversations and comfortable, companionable silences... falling asleep in a warm cosy bed and waking up when my body wanted (and no alarm clock!)... it was really, really nice.

I wish I could do it again, every weekend.

And no, we didn't take any pictures. Sorry! :)