Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Enormous jiu jitsu class makes it into the Guinness Book! And personal update...

I found an article about the top ten coolest martial arts records in the Guinness book, and one of them dealt with jiu jitsu-- the largest BJJ class ever.  Thought you might be interested!

I haven't trained hardly at all in the last 3 months. I swear I'm going back but it's been so hard with my work schedule. I am going to ask for an extended lunch so I can go to the noon class.  I get off at four p.m. and evening class starts at seven, so it's just hard to motivate myself to stay at work late, and my house is the opposite direction from the academy (with work in the middle.) So I know I'm making excuses, but... there it is.

Edited to add:

Thanks y'all for your words of encouragement and support!

I was approved for a 2 hour lunch, hooray!

Yeah, given that I prefer coming in to work at the obscenely early hour of 530-6am, there was no possibility of doing the morning class. And going to the academy to roll or drill for an hour or two before class at night wasn't good either, because, well, I was dating someone and did that for months with him, and then we broke up, and it was/is brutally painful... so, he ended up quitting BJJ, and it just absolutely sucked going to the academy without him. That's a big part of why I wasn't training the last while. I do not like having put on ten pounds, so I just need to buck up and go back. I think going back to a different class with different people will help change things up a bit.

Also, I have a set of kettlebells at home, and I've been doing bodyweight exercises-- pushups burpees and deep squats-- to slow down the slide into fatty. I miss seeing good definition in my arms and back!