The Truth About Lloyd Irvin

One purpose of this blog has become to educate the community about Lloyd Irvin and the rape culture surrounding him.

Good articles:  Jennifer Doyle's in Deadspin.

Another blog with links to Lloyd's $1M tax lien with the IRS

Brent Brookhouse's story stream over at Bloody Elbow.

Josh Hall's analysis on UndercardSuperstar.

Jake Rossen's work in the Miami New Times titled The Cult of Lloyd Irvin.


For more detail about the TLI debacle, as it developed:

 January 9th, 2013: Two male TLI competition team members (Nick Schultz and Mateo Maldonado) are arrested and charged with raping a fellow female student on January 1, 2013..

 January 10th: Details of Lloyd Irvin's involvement in a 1989 rape come to light.

 January 18th: Ryan Hall issues an open letter online. It is a call to martial arts practitioners and instructors to strive for integrity above a win-at-all-costs mentality, and also serves as a barely veiled critique of the culture fostered at TLI which he was once a part of.

 January 22: Lloyd Irvin issues an open letter, published on .

The letter addresses the recent rape charges against his two students, and acknowledges his involvement in the 1989 rape case (he received a "not guilty" verdict, but appeared to have played an active role in a gang rape in which several others were convicted). GracieMag includes a footnote to Irvin's letter in which GracieMag C.E.O. Luca Atalla provides a link to his own public statement regarding the recent news, titled "How the Reputation Murder Works." It essentially serves as a defense of Lloyd Irvin and a dismissal of Lloyd Irvin critics. There are contentious exchanges between Atalla and readers in the comment section, including a back and forth between Atalla and Kathleen Callos ( the mother of TLI student/competitor Keenan Cornelius).

 January 24: I respond to Luca:

 circa February 19th (dates vary): A few TLI affiliates announce that they are breaking ties with Lloyd Irvin including BETA Academy.

 February 22-- I post an rebuttal to the rumor that Lloyd Irvin's codefendant in the 1989 gang rape was acquitted:

February 27: News surfaces that several prominent members of TLI are leaving the school, including Cornelius

 March 1: TLI team member Jordan Schultz posts a message on Facebook providing background into why he and several members are leaving the school, which includes an accusation that Lloyd Irvin manipulated the trust of at least one female student in order to coerce sexual favors from her.

And after Maldonado and Schultz were acquitted of most charges and had the rest dropped, I posted this to help understand how two videotapes of a rape might not be enough to convince a jury. 

First part of Schultz interview, including interview with Alvis Solis, forgot when it starts:

Second part of my interview with Nick Schultz: starts around :29

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