Friday, March 29, 2024

I have cancer again....

 So, the breast cancer came back, in the other breast this time. And it's spread to my bones.  That's called metastatic breast cancer aka MBC. And, it's terminal. I'm still alive, still getting treatment, and we don't know how well the treatment is working yet. So, there isn't really a prognosis. Like diabetes is incurable but can be managed, that's me. I can be managed.

When they tell you the treatment causes some fatigue, they aren't kidding. I slept the whole day yesterday.

So, I am going to add a new article which was written by a guest author, and I'll put her blog in the list on the side there. But I'm not training now and likely won't be training anytime soon. Bone cancer tends to make your bones unusually weak, so that would be bad. But I'm still here if you want to write.

Carry on! :)