Info for Beginners

A collection of links with really useful reading for beginners...

Compilation of beginner FAQs and do's/don't's lists

BJJGrrl on training as and with a woman

Things to know about beginning BJJ as a woman

Aesopian's Quick and Dirty Beginners' BJJ Primer

Allie's advice for beginners regarding soreness and bruising

Clinzy's advice on training with women or training as a woman

Advice for your First Competition

Tips for Calming Before and During Tournaments

Competition Mindset

Why Compete

So you're going to do your first tournament-- by Science of Skill

DirtyRancher's Q and A on competing

Reviews of Gis for Women

On a Tournament Game by BJJGrrl

Gameplan and Strategery for Tournaments

Women and BJJ by BJJGrrl

Aesopian's Nuggets of Advice

Advice for women on training when you're having your period.

A great four-part series about what to expect when your child does their first tournament, by Jen at Family Mat-ters.

Part one.
Part two.
Part three.
Part four.